Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grandkids At The Cove

Each year daughter, Kathy, and her kids come in for a few days at Almost Heaven South and this year she timed it to overlap for a couple of days with the Walker kids visit.  She came in in Thursday and the Walker girls went off to a summer camp on Sunday, so they had two full days to get to know cousins they don’t remember ever seeing.  Since each of Rhett’s is one year older than each of Kathy’s, it only took them until Thursday evening to pair up and become friends.  Counter-clockwise from the bottom, this is Jennafer and Katelyn Roden, Reese and Riley Walker, Lauren Roden, and Katelyn's friend Carly.

One of the things the kids and adults all enjoy is going up to Cades Cove for a picnic, which we did on Friday to beat the holiday weekend crowds.  We ended up with one of our favorite spots on the creek where the kids could play and we could watch them.

They pretty well spent the afternoon in the creek - note their "I'm cold stances".
Toward the end of the day, a deer wandered by the other side of the creek to graze and off the kids headed.
It let them get amazingly close and for the most part ignored being surrounded by them.

Eventually it crossed the creek toward us, with them following along, and wandered off.  I don’t have the lens to get it closer.

This is such a beautiful place and Bev’s parents took them up there very often as kids, so she and Pat have fond memories of playing in this same creek.
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  1. Wow all girls. How wonderful that the deer let them get that close. The deer are wandering our neighborhood too and seem exceptionally tame right now.

    What a fun place to take kids and how nice that Bev is able to take her grandkids to a place she and her sister played as children. Looks like you had a great Independence Day Larry.

  2. How fun for all the kids to be able to get together! Sounds like a fabulous fourth of July!

  3. This was great that the visits overlapped like that. Wonderful memories to be made.

  4. I remember when you went to Cades Cove last year. Such a beautiful place. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  5. Look at all those beautiful Grands! You are one lucky Man! The Creek is so pretty. I have fond memories of being best friends with my cousins. Glad that yours got reaquainted! Looks like lots of fun.

  6. Oh how I love Cades Cove.. We don't go much in summer due to the crowds and traffic --but I love being there. It's a perfect place for grandchildren.

    Sounds like you all have really enjoyed having family around.

  7. That's a really pretty creek. It's nice that the cousins got acquainted again, and you must have enjoyed all the hubbub around the house!

  8. Hi Larry! Laurie here...

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time at Cades Cove! We love the Cove too but try to avoid the crowds in the summer. Glad you got your favorite spot!

    Really great that the doe let your grandkids aproach it & get close. The Cades Cove deer are not afraid of people at all! Pretty cool that it just wandered across the creek in front of them & went on it's merry way!

    Great that your grandkids & you all had a fun day! Cool photos!


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