Sunday, April 3, 2011

Three Nice Meals From Leftovers

I could have included the lobster breakfast with these, but decided to leave it as a standalone – it was already in the queue. I had a lot of things that needed to be eaten including a lobster tail from Wende’s dinner, a piece of top round and four pork loin end pieces from my meat butchering day, a red pepper that was getting soft, an onion that was beginning to rot, a piece of boiled potato, and an unbaked mac & cheese that Bev made before leaving on vacation that I forgot to put in the freezer. I made them into three meals – four if you count the lobster breakfast.

Up first was a stir fry using the lobster, the top round, some of red pepper and onion. I cooked everything in the normal stir fry order, then stirred in the lobster at the end to just get warm.  Since there was plenty, I omitted a starch under it.

Meal two was pork loin hash using two of the pork pieces, the potato, some of the onion and red pepper. I just diced everything and tossed it in the pan with olive oil for a quick sauté, then you guessed it.

Meal three was the other two pieces of pork loin, some mac & cheese, and asparagus sauteed in butter with a topping of grated cheese.  I consided the chicken fried version of the pork, but I just seasoned it with S&P and Goya Seasoning, dusted with flour, and fried - don't need the extra calories.

Not a bad way to clean out the fridge and I still have some beloved mac & cheese for other meals.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I'm having a hard time getting 1 meal posted and you're posting 3? haha

    I made a great stir fry last night too. But mine had no lobster because Alexis is allergic to it. I really miss good lobster but she can't even tolerate being around it.

  2. I'll take the "and then you guessed it" one.

  3. Wow when you clean out the fridge, you really get to it! Everything looks delicious.

  4. As always yummy! And after doing a double take on your comment over at my place earlier, I'm glad to see that you haven't really given up eggs too LOL. ;)

  5. I'm not ever a big fan of leftovers..way to clean out the fridge.


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