Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meatloaf And Basketball

On Monday, I posted about Katherines Bacon Cheddar Meatloaf and as good as it was, there is something I like better.

Thinly sliced onion (it’s a little hot), mayo, and lettuce – no need for other stuff as it’s already in the meat. Need I say more.

Several good sandwiches this week - fortunately one of my favorite meals.

I don’t know how the rest of you are making out, but over the past 2 to 3 weeks, I’ve won about $50 million, or at least that’s about what my email notifications add up to. I think I’ll wait til I get up to about $100 million and just collect them all at once.


How good of a basketball coach is Bob Huggins? WVU has traditionally been a second tier, or lower, school when it comes to athletics. It’s located on the side of a mountain in nowhere West Virginia where the weather is usually rain or snow and, compared to many Universities, there is little to offer student athletes to entice them to come there. For whatever reason, the state of West Virginia does not seem to produce many top-notch high school atheletes and according to the football roster there are only 16 in-staters on the team - Florida and LSU each have about 60 in-staters. As a result, many of WVU's top players come from talent rich Florida, except WVU gets the players that are left after Miami, Florida, Florida State, and the rest of the local SEC schools take their picks.

The 16 man basketball roster has only one in-state person and six from the New York metropolitan area – I guess Morgantown may look pretty good to the inner city kids. But I suspect, these are not the area's top players but those who weren’t recruited by one of the big time programs.

So how good is Bob Huggins, he’s convinced some pretty decent players to come to Morganhole (as it’s affectionately called by many students – sorry Diane) and has coached them into the final four of the college basketball tournament. No matter what happens tonight, it’s been a great season and he’s done a superb job; and as a WVU alum, who came home (he was born in Morgantown) to coach his alma mater, he’ll hopefully retire from this job, and have many more good seasons before he does.

As someone who’s always been a supporter of the underdog, I’m hoping for a Butler- WVU championship game.


There must be a fishing tournament today. I have the doors and windows open and as I write this at 7:30am, I can here the 200hp bass boats screaming up the lake. I've never figured out how they can catch much at 70mph :).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. My favorite thing about making meatloaf is the meatloaf sandwich the next day for lunch.

  2. You need not say more...that sandwich looks fabulous. When you collect all that money, you can buy your second home in Colorado and I will demand you make that meatloaf and a follow up sandwich. As for basketball. Since the devistating Jayhawk loss and the disappointment of K-State, I really don't have a dog in the fight. Might as well be chanting go "eers" this afternoon. I do think Baylor looks pretty strong. You know I'll be glued.

  3. I get so much of that junk it's ridiculous.

    I'll have to skip over that sports stuff... makes my eyes glaze over LOL!!!

    That meatloaf sandwich though? That's right up my alley. In my opinion, that's the whole reason to MAKE a meatloaf!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Your meatloaf sandwich looks delicious, Larry...

    Good Luck to your "eers" ...... I hope that we have a Butler-W Va matchup....

    Happy Easter.

  5. I've love cold meatloaf sandwiches since I was a kid! :)

  6. The best part of meatloaf is the leftover sandwiches!!!

  7. No doubt about last nights game: Duke simply was a better team and fired on all cylinders, but hubby (Pete) says, "I predict that Huggins will win a national championship at WVU". I hope he's right.

    And don't worry about the Morganhole... seems I may have said that a time for two. ;)

    Larry, a happy and blessed Easter to you and Bev. Diana

  8. Make that Butler.... sheesh
    Half the time this whole series I've said Baylor instead of Butler...and then there was Friday when I thanked my co-workers for the Christmas Card. (birthday) :-)

  9. Sorry about the loss but WVU had an excellent run.

    70mph? Yeah, that's a bit fast of a trolling speed;)

    I am 100% with you, meat loaf sandwiches are the best!


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