Monday, April 25, 2011

We Need A New Gas Grill - Or Not

“Why in the world would he blog about cleaning up his grill?” you might ask. “Surely he doesn’t think we readers are interested in this”, you might say. Blogs seem to be used for all sorts of things such as recipe sharing, as a travel log, for a photo album, etc, but for me it’s more of a diary. Since I have a bad case of CRS, it’s a way I can keep track of our travels, family, recipes, weather, etc. all in one place and occasionally go back and even find it.  I'm very flattered that you take the time to read it.

Our gas grill had gotten to the point that four of the five burners were just putting out yellow flame at the back but not much heat and Bev suggested we should consider a new one. But I decided I had to determine what the problem might be first - spiders in the burner orifice for example. Since it was a Ducane and all stainless, I assumed the burners were fine.

I’m always envious of how Cowgirl Jeanie keeps her fleet of cookers looking so good - her smokers even look better than my grill.  So I decided I needed to see if mine could be salvaged and, if so, give it a good cleaning – here’s the outside and it has been neglected.

When I got inside I found it to be horribly dirty and the burners had failed.

So I went on-line and found a source for replacement burners at $30 each, and decided for $150 I could have a fully functioning grill, so I ordered them. In the meantime I went about cleaning it up and was surprised at the amount of rust on the metal. I know all stainless is not created equal, but would have thought such a reputable grill maker would have used a higher quality metal – this must have contained just enough chrome to look good in the showroom.

I cleaned the inside as best I could without getting too serious about it – it’s just going to get dirty again with the first cook. I gave the barely functioning igniters a good wire brushing and they all work fine now.

When I got the new burners, I adjusted the air intake just like those removed and the flame was awful. I ended up moving it from all the way in one direction 2/3 of the way in the other direction. This may have been why the burners failed and why I never thought it got as hot as it should.

For the outside, the lady who cleans our house was available and since she is a pro, more agile than me, and will work harder at it, she got the job. She cleaned the underneath storage area and outside and did a super job – if it’s still on there, it isn’t going to come off.

After it was all cleaned, I laid in the grill grates, cranked it up to full blast for grate cleaning and it hit 500* for the first time ever.  The grates still need a little work but it looks real good compared to where it started - but still bad compared to Jeanie's, oh well.

The lessons – don’t assume it came from the factory right, keep the cover on when not in use, give it a good cleaning at least once a year and the grates often.

Let the grilling begin.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. I did this last summer. We bought some new grates too. It looked like a whole new grill.

  2. Hi Larry - if you need to take a wirebrush to the cast iron grill grates then follow up with plain salt, a damp cloth and some elbow grease to smooth the surfaces- I use this on my seasoned cast iron cookware when hot water and a scrubbing brush aren't enough (as advised by a chef friend I never use soap).

    Afterwards rinse, dry, then wipe the grates well with cooking oil and put them back on to the BBQ, turn the gas BBQ onto a very low heat for at least half an hour (hood down) - this will get you well on the way to clean yet seasoned cast iron grill grates for the new gas BBQ season.

    Now for your other BBQs - I wouldn't dare to advise such a great BBQ master as yourself! Sending care and huggles to you and your lovely Bev,

    Michelle and a sleeping (hooray!) Zebby Cat

  3. I am Mickle, really - just having ongoing computer gliches - thank goodness for a sense of humour.

    A solution is in sight, kinda!

  4. Now that Bob is retired, he completely took apart our grill a couple of months ago and cleaned...cleaned...and cleaned. And cleaned. :-)

  5. I loved that you talked about cleaning up your grill... and now that you've done yours...will you come to mine please?? :) Seriously, I need to deep deep clean mine soon before it gets to be 110 degrees!

  6. Very good, Larry... Glad you used some elbow-grease and cleaned it up... Ordering new burners was a good idea... Now you have an 'almost-new' grill.... NOW--fire it up and see what you can cook on it!!!!

  7. Larry, Thanks for reminding me that I have this little task to do myself!! Physical labor...and messy at that... Bummer...but it has to be done! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  8. I'm happy that you were able to save your grill for under $200. I really hate throwing things out when they can be saved with just a bit of work! Looks like you have some big-time spring going on there; we're starting to catch up. Hooray for afternoon sunshine!

  9. Great job on the grill Larry!! Looks a lot better than mine! :)


  10. I am almost afraid to open my grill this year for fear of what critter may have moved in for the winter. But now that it is warmer I must. You did a great job!

  11. They should be self cleaning for the money they cost! Funny you mentioned about the stainless steel. We were just talking to the manager of a local lumber yard who used to sell grills, and people complained that his grills were more expensive . . . he explained to us that the grills at the big box stores are not equal to what he was selling and they were the same name brands. We also found that to be true when we were looking for lawn tractors! It's crazy out there. Happy to hear you could fix it for a reasonable amount of money, it's such a nice looking grill!

  12. Good job on the grill.


  13. Larry, you know I'm very proud of you for using what you have instead of scrapping it. The landfill is a little less full because you took the time to refurbish instead of scrapping it. This is a GREAT thing! :)

  14. That is amazing about the stainless quality. Your grill cleaned up very well. You have to like having it fully functional again (or better than ever, I guess, now).


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