Thursday, February 3, 2011

Salmon Scramble Burrito

I had a few salmon scraps left from Wende’s birthday dinner and decided to turn them into breakfast. I first sautéed some red onion and when softened, added the salmon and some capers.

When the salmon was about done I added some diced pepper jack cheese, for a little heat, and two beaten eggs containing a little cream and dill weed. When I was thinking about this meal, I’d planned to use some lemon pepper, but I forgot it - damn CRS.

When the eggs were set, but still moist, I added them to the only bread I had – a pre-warmed flour tortilla.

I rolled it up and topped with a dollop of my salmon spread, which I spread across the top after taking the photo.

It was delicious. I tried a bite without the spread and thought it was better with it. The previous day, I’d made a similar scramble, less the tortilla, using the shrimp left from the same meal, except I seasoned with Emeril’s Essence as with the dinner meal.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. You are the left over King! It looks delicious and I love the addition of capers.

  2. I love how handy you are with leftovers! Another winner in my book...!!

  3. You come up with the best flavor combinations, Larry. You are a master with leftovers.

  4. Another wonderful "MMmmmmmm" plate, dear Larry. Sending super best wishes to you and your dear Bev, and remember that salads are wonderful too - just try some simple, flavoursome, homemade oil "low" dressings (dijon mustard, balsemic vinegar and maple syrup..... moved onto any mustard, a little maple syrup and cider vinegar - of course you can add some veg oil if you want .... and just enjoy the flavours)

    Enough raving from me - sending care and huggles with Zebby Cat purrrrumbles,

    Michelle downunder in Wellington , NZ

  5. Another idea for you: Write a cookbook on how to create great dishes from leftovers... You are the KING.


  6. Scrambled eggs are so boring, but you toss some very interesting things in there!

  7. You know, I've never thought to combine salmon and eggs before but it sounds like a great combo!

  8. That salmon spread makes my mouth water every time you mention it. Love it on a saltine with a little caper on top. Yum!


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