Saturday, February 5, 2011

Carving Up The Rib Roasts

The week before and after Christmas, Kroger’s had their bone-in rib roast on sale and I bought one, then they put their boneless roasts on sale at an even lower price and I bought three. They were all choice and had been laying in the fridge wet aging for 3-4 weeks and I carved them up this past week.

First was a boneless roast, which I carved into 1” steaks which weighed about 15 oz after trimming. They looked very nice and similar to the one I’d cooked at Christmas. Then I tackled the bone-in one.

I first removed the rib rack and ensured it had some meat on it.

Then I began cutting it into steaks and was shocked and disappointed at the amount of fat I’d paid for. It did have more marbling and would likely grade out higher than the boneless one, but it also had a much larger fat tail and big pockets of fat within the steak. Here’s a pic

I’d already pretty much decided to go boneless from now on and this solidifies it for me. Many will say cooking bone-in meat has more flavor and this may well be true, but I seriously doubt my simple pallet will know the difference. I think I can get a better view of the boneless roasts when selecting them and try to prevent paying high prices for bone and fat.

Here’s the three we cooked for dinner and the fat difference is evident. They both tasted very good, but I forgot to take a cooked picture.

In case you're wondering what I'm going to do with all that meat, I shared three of them with friends and family.

After reading a few of your blogs, I realize I missed the memo on World Nutella Day :-).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. That's about the best looking set of beef ribs I have since, but that is because you cut them yourself. You'd never get them that way at the market because they gouge everything they can from them for the more expensive rib roast. Those are going to make some kick butt ribs.

  2. Those are some beautiful ribs! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. Between you and Ina, I'm really craving a good steak right now. (Ina and Jeffrey were grilling and searing up a storm last night) World Nutella day was most certainly lost on me...never had it.

  4. Beautiful steaks, Larry. A boneless roast is sure easier to handle. Do you do anything with the trimmings or just discard them? And what is wet aging. I'm surprised meat could stay in the fridge for 3-4 weeks. As you can tell I don't know a lot about cooking meat. Your tips so far have helped me tremendously. Many thanks.

  5. you did a really nice job with that meat, and the only time you would have really appreciated that extra fat or the bone is if you cooked it intact. If its not cooking with the bone, boneless is always the way to go!
    In any case I am sure your steaks were delicious!

  6. What great ribs! I so agree with boneless and you did them up perfectly. Lucky friends and family!

  7. Wow, the difference is incredible! I'd sure love a good steak right now, too.

  8. You should have smoked them

  9. Larry, That is some beautiful looking beef! Despite the fat on the steaks cut from the prime rib roast, Laurie thinks that they'd be great... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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