Friday, January 7, 2011

Just Another Pastrami Sandwich And A Christmas Gift

Before the sandwich, I wanted to provide some info on the beef rib I've been posting about.  The roast in the header shot and the steak from yesterdays post came from two different whole rib roasts (5 total) that I bought on sale from Krogers at $6.99/lb before Thanksgiving and $5.99/lb before Christmas.  They were all choice grade from Iowa Beef Packers (IBP) and were the best I've ever cooked and maybe ever eaten.  Their meat also gets bragged about on the BBQ forums and I will definitely seek it out from now on - almost makes me want to live in Iowa.

Now for the sandwich.  I had just a few slices of homemade pastrami in the fridge along with some of the good marble rye, Swiss cheese, and homemade mustard from New Years day. So says I, what can I turn these into? Back in our skiing days, Bev, decided to try a grilled pastrami sandwich for breakfast and it quickly became the go to meal prior to a fun day on the slopes.

It’s just bread-cheese-meat-cheese-mustard-bread, bread buttered and grilled in a skillet with a lid, to help melt the cheese.

It was quick, easy, and delicious - a great lunch after a light breakfast. 

We only exchange Christmas gifts with a couple of folks and this year recieved the perfect gift for us. We seem to always need multiple warming devices, especially for lake parties and our friends Kathy and Ashley solved our problem with this gift. It's a Bella Cucina Triple Slow Cooker, with three 2 1/2 quart cookers. We had two of the three in service for our New Years party.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. That's a great gift and a perfect gift for you and Bev. Now I'll take one of those sandwiches please. :-)

  2. That cooker looks like a perfect party tool! I love new gadgets. :)

  3. What an awesome slow cooker set up!! I don't even think I've seen anything like that! Very cool!
    I love pastrami sandwiches...and I'm a sucker for grilled sandwiches too, so I know this would be amazing!!

  4. I have to look into the triple cooker. That really is awesome. I probably would only use it 5 or 6 times a year, but, like two ovens, when you need it you need it :-). I hope you and Bev have a great day. Blessings...Mary

    P.S. He's fine :-).

  5. That triple slow cooker is a great idea, and pretty nice looking, too! (So is the sandwich.)

  6. Alexis and I love that server. We have had our eye on one when they go on sale at Kohls but just haven't gotten by there.

  7. Larry, that is a great looking sandwich!! Pastrami with your mustard on rye... Nice! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  8. I think the triple slow cooker is a brilliant idea, and an inspired gift choice from friends who clearly know your cooking and entertaining styles well. Wishing happy dining to everyone who gets to eat your glorious food from the triple dished beauty.

    Ans sending care and warm huggles to you both, Michelle and a silently sleeping Zebby Cat (a rarity from my snorey-puss)


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