Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Seems as though I’m forever trying to clean out the leftovers and with three recent holidays, it’s been a big challenge. For today, before she left for the big city (Maryville), Bev reminded me of the sandwich rolls she’d baked for me awhile back and I went off in search of the makings. What I found was some thin sliced deli ham, smoked Gouda cheese, Duke’s mayo, and homemade mustard. The rolls ended up being pretty thick in the center, so I whacked off the top part of it, not needing the extra bread.

I put mayo on the bottom bread slice and mustard on the top, layered on the ham and cheese and nuked it until the cheese melted a little. Then added a little lettuce and got this:

It was delicious, but I forgot about the onion and dill pickle that usually goes on my sandwiches – that’s what I get for not having the “sandwich queen” here to instruct me. As with the Ham Reuben the other day, I could only eat half, so I’ll remember the onion and pickle for the other half when I eat it.

I was poking fun at my son the other day for clearing the snow from his entire driveway, then after looking at the weather forecast and noticing the slush in the bottom of the tracks we’d made, I decided to shovel mine.

I don’t have to go anywhere in the car - and have 4WD if I do, but I do want to be able to get my morning paper without busting my a$$ - assuming the paper gets here that is. Shoveling my entire driveway is a tractor job – at least for me.

The idea is to shovel it down to the concrete and hope it dries as the temperature drops rather than freezing. This will work so long as it doesn’t get so warm as to melt the adjacent snow and cause a little river in my path, which will then freeze into a narrow ice rink.

If I were so inclined, the snow was perfect for snowman building, or snowball fighting, or snow fort building – almost sounds like the voice of experience doesn’t it? I did enjoy the exercise and needed it to offset some of my breakfast meals – and I didn’t have any heart pain, which supports the doctors opinion that it’s in good shape.

If I added right, this is post number 500 and I just want to say thank you for reading my ramblings, being part of our life and letting me be part of yours. I wish I could just get in the car and drive around America until I've met each of you.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. See what happens when you're unsupervised? Happy 500th Larry. I wish you could get in the car and drive around the country too. It would make for good blogging fodder. :-)

  2. Wow.. 500 posts is fantastic! Congratulations!
    The weather still looks far too cold for me, but the sandwich looks and sounds wonderful!

  3. Hi Larry, I meant to tell you that I love your header... Perfect for a great winter shot.

    Your sandwich sounded good... My hubby is one of those 'nuts' who thinks he needs to shovel the entire driveway.... He has done it twice --but we now have another couple of inches of snow. It's unbelievable how much snow we have had --in spurts....

    Have a good day.

  4. Larry, Another great looking sandwich! I like the idea of nuking it and then adding the lettuce... Much better than just a cold ham & cheese sandqich! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Larry, happy 5000! That's one great ham sandwich, love the mayo and mustard both. Guess that's the way engineers shovel, I'll have to ask my younger son! We get out the snow blower and I can't wait for warm weather!

  6. Congrats on Post 500! I'm happy to have gotten to know you. I'll be by soon for one of those ham sandwiches!

  7. Nothing like a good old sandwich! Onion for sure, pickle? I could do without. Unless I'm at a restaurant, then it seems a pickle is in order. :-)

    Nice on the 500 posts! Keep it up!

  8. We finally got a snow plow service at our 50 space parking lot at the office this year and I was grateful...or my back was!

    Looks like it's finally warming up today, hope to get rid of most of this white stuff.


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