Sunday, January 2, 2011

Finally - The Last Of The Christmas Leftovers

Since we had a New Years Day party planned, room had  to be made in the fridge for incoming ingredients and more after party leftovers, and I believe I could finally see some daylight Thursday.  For this breakfast, it was a fried potato pancake, topped with an egg and sided with Beef Wellington - it was very good.

With a little thin sliced prime rib remaining, I asked Bev to make some sandwich rolls on bread day, thinking I'd have a sandwich of prime rib and horsey dressing, but then along came Mary.  She posted a French Dip Sandwich on her One Perfect Bite blog and I discovered I had some leftover au jus in addition to the meat.  It had been years since I'd had one, so it just had to be a French dip for a late lunch.  I just reheated everything in the microwave and dug-in as the three dogs sat lined up in hopes of a scrap.

While I believe the sandwich is normally made with roast beef from further back on the cow, I have to say the prime rib makes an acceptable substitute :-).  It was a big sandwich and it stuffed me, but I dunked and ate every bite, with only a little au jus left for the pups.  What a great way to finish off the leftovers and it's been nice taking the week off from any real cooking.  I'm beginning to wonder if we only cook so I can have leftovers for breakfast.

New Years Resolutions

As for these little promises, I like to keep mine to myself, so tune in on Dec 31 and I'll let you know if I accomplished any of them. :-)

Have a great day and I hope your new year is off to a great start. 



  1. Your New Year's leftovers look really good. I know my belly would be full.

    Time to clean out once again and get ready for another food fest. I think a week of veggies and fruits may do me good (nah). I think I am in a food coma from the holidays.

    Looking forward to your blog posts in 2011.


  2. It all looks yummy Larry!
    You like to use leftovers for breakfast like we do.

  3. larry, I would eat this any day of the week!

    It is always a treat to come to your little slice of heaven. A wonderful year reading you daily (well done on that aspect, i like a daily blog post!!!)

    happy New year and looking forward to reading you in 2011


  4. You eat better than anyone I know. This all looks WONderful. My NYR's are:
    To learn how to make bread
    Get my knives pro. sharpened
    Learn Hub's camera if it kills me
    Drink more water

    heckle heckle....this just came in to my email. I didn't have anyone to heckle this morning at 5:30

  5. This looks fabulous, larry! I'm not sure if I've told you this, but roast beef sandwiches are my favorite food EVER. I seriously think I could eat them every day.

  6. I can't decicde if you are kind of leftovers or kind of fried eggs. Either one is fine in my book!

  7. Haha Larry, I think I like the way you think resolution-wise hehe. Those are some mighty fine leftovers there - I think I like your French Dip way better than the ones I've eaten. Looking forward to your posts in 2011!

  8. That looks really delicios. Feeling hungry.

  9. Another super-delicious looking breakfast and lunch - I'm thinking that, like me, you cook to have the leftovers to enjoy too for a meal or three afterwards.

    Wishing you and Bev a very happy and healthy 2011,

    Michelle down in the New Zealand Summertime, xxxx and purrrrumbles from my Zebby Cat

  10. Beef Wellington for breakfast.....what else is there to say?

    (Although that is one fine looking french dip too!)


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