Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sweet Taters And Aigs

Do you like your sweet taters really done – cook them three times. I’d noticed some leftover ones in the frig and decided to have them for breakfast. They had already been steamed then grilled - see April 24, so I sautéed them in a little olive oil and butter along with some diced homemade Czech sausage, just enough to get everything hot.

I topped this off with a couple of fried eggs to get this.

I liked it much more than I thought I might - I'll make it again. The sausage and potatoes went well together, like bacon or sausage sided with syrupy pancakes and adding the egg was similar to how I normally eat pancakes. So the sweet potatoes became the pancakes with syrup and the sausage and eggs played themselves.

The folks from the garden project I've been helping with planted 300 each peppers and tomatoes yesterday and managed to get them in before the rains came. They now have about 300 feet each of corn and beans plus these plants in the ground.

The main part of day long storms that menaced the South yesterday, passed through Almost Heaven South about 2am this morning and while there was thunder, wind and heavy rain, we appear to have come through it ok. I hate it for those that had tornado damage.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Glad you weren't in the thick of all those nasty storms!
    Apparently you can always count on a substantial breakfast at your place no matter what the weather. :)
    The garden sounds massive - I would love to work on a garden that large! (but the weeding might be a little intense).

  2. I love this idea of sweet potatoes and sausage and then of course topped with those eggs! I haven't watched the news today but given the huge heavy moisture system we've had, I fugured it was on it's way to stir up trouble in warmer climates. Glad it missed you Larry.

  3. We were relieved too! I packed everything away yesterday, tied down the canopy and it turned out okay.

    Great looking breakfast, Larry! Nice use of leftovers and eggs.


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