Monday, March 22, 2010

Stuffed Shrimp Ala Mary

(If you haven't, please check out yesterday's post for new info on our blogger get together)

Over the years, we’ve pretty much fell into a habit of eating the same foods the same way. For example shrimp were pretty much always breaded and deep fried. But thanks to all of the great ideas from the blogs I read, we are expanding our horizons.

The other day Mary over at Deep South Dish posted a recipe for stuffed shrimp and it just so happens we had shrimp in the freezer and I had bought some crab to make into crab cakes – so stuffed shrimp it was. I followed her recipe except I used Townhouse crackers and we laid a piece of bacon on a few of them for a test. I’m not sure I could tell the bacon had much of an impact. Mary's site has a good description and pic's of the process. Depending on your oven and how done you like your shrimp, you may need to adjust the cooking time a little - Bev likes her's cooked more than me so they required more time.

We thought the shrimp were delicious and we served them with some of Mary’s Mississippi Comeback sauce. Thanks Mary for a delicious meal.

For a side dish, it was Rice a Roni dish that was quite tasty. She used the boxed mix and added a 16 oz bag of thawed broccoli and some grated parmesan to it – a 10 oz box of broccoli might have been better.

Here's my plate

Don't hesitate to make extra shrimps as I just had the leftovers reheated in the micowave for lunch and they are still real tasty.

Thanks bloggers for all the great recipes. Have a great day.



  1. Stuffed shrimp sounds delicious! I haven't had rice-a-roni since I was a kid - and I'm glad to see you're getting your veggies! :)

  2. You've combined two of my favorite foods into one and the result look scrumptious. My family will think this is a real treat.

  3. Sounds like a delicious dinner, Larry....

    Hope there is a big turn-out on June 5...

  4. yum-0
    Thanks for sending me to her blog, another great find and I look forward to following her posts.
    This shrimp looks wonderful. I have truly expanded my horizons since I've started reading blogs. Great post as always, the photo of the shrimp dinner is scrumptious and I want some now. I've got to give that sauce a try.

  5. What a terrific meal. The stuffed shrimp look amazing!

  6. Yeap, can't really understand the people who are hooked on buying a new celebrity cookbook every other week. 90% of all my recipe motivation comes from bloggers... And Mary is one of my favorites

  7. Aww, thanks Larry! So glad you enjoyed them - gotta say, that plate looks scrumptious to me!!

    Rice a Roni, wow I haven't had that in a long, long time myself but used to love it. Will have to pick some up - I love that they have broccoli and cheese now!

  8. I love Rice-a-Roni! Your dinner looks great!

  9. I'm glad to see you're getting your veggies! :)
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