Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Plus Seven Days

I took a few pictures on the first day of spring, but there was very liitle to shoot. I have included a grouping of daffodills and our plum tree. The first shot of each plant was taken March 20, the next shot on the 23rd, and the others on the 27th.

A little swelling of the buds.

Buds swelling and about to pop open.

I hope these blooms all become plums as it will be the first crop.

Lots of things are about to get colorful over the next few days and some of the signs of spring are heard rather than seen. When I went out to get the paper this morning at first light, a male wild turkey was performing his mating gobble in the woods across the road - we have lots of them in the area.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for how to smoke a pastrami (and other meat on your grill) on you grill.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Seeing Wild Turkeys are always such a thrill. They're just so BIG!!! You're way ahead of us, no buds, no daffodils in my yard. The only thing spring-like here is the green grass peeking through the patches of snow. I just sent you an email, want to make sure you see it.

  2. Looks better than here! I don't have many spring flowering plants around - most of mine come in the summer. Even the azaleas are late this year!

  3. It's so nice to see those first sprouts of spring. Our spring came early this year and just about everything came out at the same time. It was gorgeous. We still have tulips and cherry trees in bloom and they are lovely. On to summer!

  4. Your Daffodils (I called them Jonquils growing up in VA) are getting very pretty. Ours are just getting started.... We will have a late Spring when it comes to colors this year.

    Have a great day ... The SUN is OUT... Yeah!

  5. A

    Sorry, my neighbor's willow tree is blooming and KILLING me. Sniff sniff. The only part about spring I don't like.

    Things are looking heavenly out there!

  6. Very nice photos, Larry! My daffodils are up, but the deer usually decapitate them before we get to enjoy them.

    We have wild turkey, too! In fact a flock crossed the main highway into town yesterday and I slmost bopped one. I love spring!


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