Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pizza Scramble

I had about 5 spears of peppers in a tablespoon or so of marinara sauce leftover from Friday nights pepperoni rolls and some Canadian bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms (which I forgot to use), and provolone cheese in the frig, so I thought my first ever pizza scramble was in order. I diced up everything and saut̩ed in a little olive oil for a few minutes to warm it Рadded the cheese at the end. While this was cooking, I beat up two eggs with a little cream, and when the cheese started to melt, turned down the heat and added them to the pan. I slowly scrambled them until set but still moist and they were ready to go. Sided them with a couple of slices of cheese toast from some French bread that needed to be used.

I hate I forgot the mushrooms and will add a little onion next time as well (maybe some olives too), but I still got to test the basic concept which was marinara in the eggs - I already knew the other ingredients worked. I have to say I thought it was absolutely great and it will be a regular feature on the breakfast menu around here from now on. You know what would really be outstanding - serve the scramble atop a hot piece of Cowgirl Jeanie's frybread - I can hardly wait to try it again. You really should consider trying this, using whatever pizza toppings you prefer.

Have a great day.



  1. love it when a plan comes together ... and you get to empty the half used ingredients from the fridge... great use of all that

  2. Mr. H makes delicious little scrambles for breakfast burritos . . .I'm sharing your creation with him. Looks great!

  3. Sounds good, Larry... Isn't it fun to be creative and come up with meals with foods we have left-over???? One of my friends decided that she was not going to the grocery store for anything except milk and eggs---until they ate up all of the things in their frig and freezer... I think she had so much stuff that she went for FIVE weeks without doing some heavy-duty shopping...


  4. I have got to remember to think of scrambled eggs when I'm trying to make use of my leftovers! These look wonderful!

  5. Messy and I'm sure it's delicious, I love it! You make the best breakfasts, Larry.


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