Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pepperoni Rolls For Bread Day

Before Bev headed off for a week at the beach, she decided to make up some treats for Alex and me to have while she was gone. She normally makes two recipes of her bread and it makes four loaves, but this time, she made it all into two dozen pepperoni rolls and 18 pistolettes stuffed with pepperoni, marinara sauce and shredded cheese. Click on the link for the baking process from last time.

Since the MIL is coming today to stay with us until the ladies get home, I decided to not take up cooking dinner until she got here. Alex and I ate out of the frig Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday it was doctored pepperoni rolls. I considered having a side dish but decided I could not come up with anything I’d like better than a second roll. Alex likes them plain, but I added some goodies to mine. I cooked some sweet peppers in a little Newman's Marinara and added some hot pepper flakes and grated parmesan. Next I warmed the rolls in the microwave and cut them in half, filled with the pepper mixture and a slice of provolone and put them in the toaster oven until the cheese was melted and the bread was a little crusty. Before you asked how I could eat that much, that's a small salad plate they're on :).

These things are just too good – I can’t believe they are only popular in WV. I’ve often thought about opening a small sandwich shop where I’d sell these, hotdogs including homemade sausages, my own BBQ, perhaps reubens and pastrami for the imported Yankees, a few homemade sides, and a soup – maybe homemade buns for the sandwiches. I believe it would be a winner, but I don’t desire full time employment at this time. If I can remember, I'll make sure I do this in my next life :).

Have a great day - I'm ready for a little sunshine myself.



  1. I'm very fond of sandwiches and know I would love these pepperoni rolls, Big Dude. Adding the veggies makes them perfect.

  2. those pepperoni rolls look great!

  3. Looks like you all are doing okay without the BOSS around this week. Hope she is having fun at the beach.

    Your pepperoni rolls sound great. I'm sure that Alex enjoyed them also...

    I was hoping for sunshine today also--but all we have today is CLOUDS.....

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Those look a-maz-ing! It's not too late to rule out a sandwich shop! :)

  5. Yum. Exactly what are pepperoni roles? This looks wonderful with all of that provolone oozing out of that sandwich. Peppers are always a treat on sandwiches. Especially sounds great sauteed in that marinara.

  6. Lee Ann - I posted the wrong link, check out my blog for Feb 3 for your answer - basically they are pepperoni baked inside of a bread roll.


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