Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not Quite Bangers And Mash

Even though we planned to have our St. Patricks Day meal on Thursday, so the beach goers could participate, I intended to cook an Irish meal on Wednesday as well - my plan was for bangers and mash. However, I was pretty well cooked out and had the kitchen in decent shape, so I didn’t want to do many dishes – basically, I didn’t want to do the mashed potatoes. I had bought brats for the sausage – not a lot of choices here in small town East Tennessee – so I decided to proceed with them, but rather than mashed potatoes, I baked them. Another goal was to have no leftovers, except perhaps a brat.

I cooked the brats using a pretty traditional beer and onion method link and sided it with the baked potatoes and peas and carrots – they just got S&P and a knob of butter. I’ll call it bangers and bake and for my potato, I mashed it a little, added a knob of butter and some of the cooked onions. While I have two sausages for the pic, I could only eat one of them.

The local Irish TV cook uses the knob of butter term and I think I like it. I wish we used butter by the knob rather than tablespoon or stick here in the USA – of course it would wreck many recipes, as all knobs are not created equal :).

While it wasn't exactly bangers and mash, the MIL and I both thought it went down real easy.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Needs a hoagie roll... And love the motivation for this... less dishes, too funny (but more than once, I make the same choices, just don;t tell anyone)

  2. Larry, a great "Yanks" twist to the English Bangers & Mash. It is hard to watch one of those crazy BBC British Comedy shows and not hear them talk about B&M....

    I like your "less pots & pans" style of cooking, too.

  3. Regardless of the name, this looks very tasty, Larry! I love brats and will try the carmelized onion topping next time. Yum!

  4. Sounds like your MIL had a great week of eating. You certainly cooked her some GREAT dinners and breakfasts this past week...

    Did the beach-goers get home yet????

    Have a great Sunday.

  5. I like your "less pots & pans" style of cooking, too.
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