Friday, March 19, 2010

The Final Mushroom Meal

Well, I did it – consumed the whole pound of sliced mushrooms in less than a week. In hindsight, I could have eaten them faster by having more salads and including them, but I’ve enjoyed how I used them. Here's a reminder of meal 1.

Reminder of meal 2.

Reminder of meal 3.

For the final meal, you guessed it, breakfast. I had two small pieces of chicken fried pork tenderloin left from dinner, some mushrooms and the recent discovery that I like gravy on eggs – I may like gravy on everything now that I ponder it. I’m thinking my daughter, Wende, who doesn’t even like gravy may belong to the mailman :).

So for this meal, I nuked the tenderloins for 30 seconds to warm them inside a little, them put them in the toaster over at 350* to continue heating and re-crisp the coating. Then, I cut the mushrooms slices in half and sautéed them in enough olive oil to have fat for the gravy. When they were about done, I sprinkled in about ¾ tbsp of flour and stirred & cooked for a couple of minutes. I slowly stirred in about a cup of milk, added a little Kitchen Bouquet for color, and cooked to the thickness I wanted. (I was proud of my anal self – didn’t measure anything).

When the gravy was about done, I scrambled the eggs to a fluffy, moist consistency, and plated as shown below.

I loved it and look forward to the next time I have to use up mushrooms.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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  1. You know, if I didn't look quite so much like you, I suppose that my paternity could be questionable, given our disparate take on gravy and a few other things. Lucky for me, I kind of look, um, just like you. Well, except a lot paler. With redder hair. And I'm shorter. But, you know, aside from that, no doubtin' who's my daddy


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