Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chicken Piccata ala Kate

Lemon butter sauce is one of our favorites especially with the addition of garlic and/or capers. So when Kate over at A Spoonful Of Thyme posted her recipe for chicken piccata, it was one we had to try.

I followed the recipe as written, except tossed in some mushrooms that needed to be used and I only had half a lemon for slices. We like brussel sprouts, steamed then tossed in lemon-butter-garlic sauce and I decide this sauce was close enough so we used it. We also decided to have a starch and selected orzo, but wanted a sauce for it, so I just made double the amount of sauce. I ended up using the sauce for everything and while this may not be something we would normally do, it gave us the opportunity to evaluate the sauce three different ways.

I began by boiling the pasta water and then steaming the sprouts and then cooked the chicken and mushrooms per the recipe and set them separately in the toaster oven to stay warm. I tried to time it so the sprout steaming and orzo would be done at the same time. I then doubled the sauce amount in the pan, and sautéed the sprouts briefly in the sauce, then added back the mushrooms and chicken for a couple of minutes and plated everything adding sauce atop the chicken and orzo.

When I make this again, the only thing I’ll change is not doubling the lemon amount as the sauce was a little too tart on the orzo. Thanks Kate for a delicious meal.

By the way, I had a little Asiago Cheese Grits left over from supper Friday night and topped with a fried egg, it made for a dandy Saturday morning breakfast.

One of the bad things about winter is the weather is cold and dreary and one of the good things is that grass won’t grow in those conditions – this is the mow every three days time of year for me. Have a great one and thanks for stopping by.

GO MOUNTAINEERS - It's WVU to the final four for the first time in 50 years and only the second time ever.



  1. Larry - you are full of surprises. I love the Brussel sprouts and orzo sides and the chicken looks delicious! I have finally gotten Mr. to eat Brussel sprouts if I saute them with a bit of bacon - this sounds so good, he might go for this,too. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Chicken piccata is a favorite of mine too, I just love the tart lemon and capers.

    Who would have thought in early January that it would be possible for a WVU vs TN final? Wow! Hope the Vols do great against Michigan State.

  3. Dude... you had such a great meal... till the sprouts. But add enough to kill the taste (bacon would indeed be a nice start), and that killer lemon mushroom sauce will make them above average

  4. Brussel sprouts, eh? Hm. One of those foods I try every few years to see if my tastes have changed. As yet, I still think they're supremely nasty. Everything else looks good, though!

    Go, 'Eers!

  5. Oh how I love Brussel Sprouts, Larry... I don't eat them often--but do enjoy them.

    Your meal looks delicious!!!!! We had Kielbasa on the grill tonight with a baked potato.... Yum!!!!

    My Vols came within one point of going to the Final Four this year. That would have been history also. Now --I'm for BUTLER.... But ---good luck to your Mountaineers...


  6. I love the sprouts but here at home I am the only one!

    Anyone have a Bubba keg/Big steel keg grill yet? They are amazing is all I can say.

  7. Looks great - I love chicken piccata.

  8. Wow! You went all out. I am glad to hear that you liked the meal! I didn't get sprouts in our veggie box this week so I can't try your recommendation until next week. I think they will be quite tasty in a garlic lemon butter. Thanks for the email letting me know that you had tried the dish.

  9. Chicken Picatta is one of my favorite meals. Looks like you did it proud.


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