Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome To Our Pet World

The week before Christmas, our little Bella dog was killed by a car and since she was Alex’s pet, a replacement was mandatory. She and Bev did a lot of research and settled on a Chihuahua /Yorkie mix available in Knoxville. Her name is Coco and as a typical 10 week old puppy, everything is a potential play thing, especially the other dogs. Sweetie and Joker warmed up pretty quickly and since they like to roughhouse, all were soon at play. Thirteen year old, gray faced Cody, however, wanted no part of the friskiness and let her know it with a quick snap. She wouldn’t give up though and after two weeks, he finally succumbed to her youthful charms and while he still won’t play, he will allow her to lick his face and share his favorite bed.

The title photo is Joker from this past summer - now I've shown all of our animals. We have the classic parent/children pet senario - we took Cody for a couple of years (11 years ago) when they moved to Germany; then Joker came to us last summer when their new housing in Korea didn't accept pets; then Coco, when their daughter, who's staying with us, wanted a pet of her own. We actually went out and bought Sweetie for oursevles and we adopted Kitty when she showed up and we were needing a mouser. So our current menagerie consists of four dogs and one cat all living in the house, and as I write this the sis-in-laws dog, Willy is with us for the day - we shampoo our carpet often.

Have a great day.



  1. Great post. Loved getting to meet all the "kids". I lost a dog before Christmas and am still not over it. They are such a part of the family. Sounds like that little Coco will keep everyone on their toes for a few months.

  2. Very sweet - I love watching pets make friends.

  3. Larry, this post is a great example of why dogs are "man/woman's best friend" because they are so damn cute and lovable.

    Looks like Coco will have a great home with lots of love from man & beast...

  4. I'm a sucker for animals too - and they always seem to find my house. The latest puppy - found abandoned in a cardboard box in the Walmart parking lot - makes my older lab crazy too. I have not figured out quite what he is mixed of, but I know that there is some terrier in there.

    Sorry to hear about Bella though.

  5. Can't wait to bring over Yawni and Courtney's two "Granpoopies" for a get together.

  6. Cody looks like he is a pretty good sport... I'm sure that Coco's energy is more than Cody would like though... Joker is a cutie pie also.

    Thanks for introducing your babies to us.

  7. SO sweet!! Love the photos of your babies!

  8. Just don't trust them around your former new boss, ha ha.


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