Friday, February 26, 2010

Let’s Throw A Blogger’s Party, Can You Come

Katherine from Smoky Mountain Cafe, Chris from Nibble Me This, and I, would like to host a little get together for the local bloggers – you’re considered local if you’re willing to make the drive. We’re thinking in terms of a Saturday afternoon sometime from mid May through mid June at Larry’s place near Greenback Tn. There are many details to work out, but at this point, we’re just trying to determine interest level and find a good date. We’re not looking for a firm commitment now, but if you think you would be interested in participating, please email one of us with the Saturdays beginning with May 15 and ending with June 19 for which you are NOT, repeat NOT, able to come. We can then see which dates can accommodate the most people. We’d like to hear back from you by March 10.

Check out Chris’s site for a neat pic of the get together site.

The three of us along with Chris’s wife Alexis, met for the first time today for lunch today at Dead End BBQ in Knoxville, to get the party ball rolling. It was nice to meet the others and put people with the words I read – I’d like to be able to do that with all of you. This was only my second trip to Dead End and the meal was very good again. I’ve followed their performance on the competition circuit and notice they seem to score well in chicken, so I ordered the chicken plate. My home BBQ’d chicken is good, but this was the first restaurant BBQ I’ve eaten at where I would say I have some work to do to catch up- and I ate theirs without any sauce.

I don’t have the camera to do it justice, but the title shot is of the Smoky Mountains taken from my neighbor-on-the-hills yard on Friday afternoon. It’s not the Rockies in winter, but not a bad view for East Tennessee.

Have a great evening.



  1. It was a very fun lunch! I sent you the pic by email if you want to post it up on your blog too.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm on that boat trip:)

  2. I know it must be a wonderful experience to join up with your fellow bloggers...You know there is instant connection between food blogges. We share that passion for everything food.
    Your view at Almost heaven is beautiful.

  3. That is about a 4 hour drive for me - I might be able to make it. Sounds like fun!

  4. How fun. Mapquest tells me it's 1198.87 miles for me. Wish I could make it, but don't think it's possible. Can't wait to read all about it.

  5. I would love to join you guys, but I'm 2100+ miles from there. I want photos!

  6. I think I might be able to find my way there. Just tell me the date!

  7. Too far for this beach bum, but I bet it'll be fun.

  8. Larry & Bev, what a terrific idea. It would be so much fun to get together with blogger friends and enjoy their company raising a glass or two. I definitely will try and join you.

    Many thanks...

  9. I wish I were closer. I know you folks will have a great time.

  10. I wish I lived closer too, but Oregon is unfortunately a long way off. It would be great to meet other bloggers.

  11. Hi Larry, Add George and I to your list. I hope that we can come.. We have some conflicts (George's elderly parents)---but can be flexible most of the time IF we know the date...

    Right now we have no large trips planned at those times, so keep us posted.

    I sent your post to other nearby bloggers from my list....

    Keep us posted...

    Thanks so much!!! Looking forward to it.

  12. I'd like to be a part of this. I'm free most Saturday's and would love to meet my fellow bloggers.


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