Saturday, May 1, 2021

Florida Trip – Days 16-18 - The Campground & Trip Home

It was our last day and with nothing scheduled, so my girls and a few others went into old downtown Pensacola to look around and do some shopping while I puttered around and readied the coach for the next days drive.  Since it was supposed to rain overnight and in the morning, we did as much as we could the day before, including attaching the car.

You may remember that I classify the places we stay as campgrounds, RV Parks, and RV resorts and I would call this a low end RV park as the roads and sites were all gravel but they did have paver brick patios at each site.  Check in was friendly and efficient and we were guided to our site even though it was raining.

Our site was a long pull through and it was very level with conveniently located utilities.  The wi-fi signal was strong and fast and the 72 channel cable TV was very good.

They had a nice, well equipped clubhouse room and a pavilion for us to use but I can’t comment on the showers or laundry.  Bev and I agreed that we would stay there again.

On Saturday, we left Pensacola in the rain which made it rainy for all three driving days so far and it rained most of our drive in Florida and just south of Montgomery then it was just mostly cloudy the rest of the time.  Our route was US-29/ AL-113/ I-65/ I-459/ I-59 and all were good roads except about 20 miles of I-59 north of I-459.

While the drive home is doable in one day for some folks, I'm not one of them, especially since I do all of the coach driving. So for our overnight, we selected River Rocks Campground in Gadsden, AL and it worked out well - $42 with Good Sam discount.  

We only used the power and wi-fi and while the wi-fi was adequate, it was not as good as the previous two - so I used the hotspot on my phone part of the time.  The campground is located on the banks of H Neely Henry Lake which is an embayment of the Coosa River. 

From our site then our street and by the lake.

Since we didn’t unhook the car, we saw nothing of Gadsden.

On Sunday, we had about 185 miles to home and traveled I-59, I-24 and I-75 (finally without rain) and pulled in to Almost Heaven South after a 3½ hour drive.  I-59 was be so rough I drove most of the time in the much smoother left lane and fortunately there was very little traffic as is usual for this stretch of interstate.

All-in-all, it was a fine two weeks and we enjoyed visiting with our club members, seeing some sites, and eating good food – I had seafood for every restaurant meal cause I can eat that other stuff at home.  I look forward to continuing to have good seafood from the stuff we brought home -first home supper was royal red shrimp sauteed in garlic butter,

So now it is getting back to the normal life of mowing the lawn, tending the garden and such but it's always good to come home.

The bad news is that my right hip started going bad a few weeks ago and I’m sure I will be facing another replacement and cancellation of this summers travel plans.  Getting old is definitely not for sissy’s.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them and the blue words are links.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


4/23-/25/21 event dates


  1. you were probably the best person to talk to finding places to park an RV camper we love Sanibel in Florida and they said the camp grounds are 1 year in advance for booking a park. I love how your able to easy get around the state enjoy and have a blast!

  2. Getting old is definitely not for sissy’s but you are certainly making the most of every day. It is always good to go somewhere but it always nice to get back home.

  3. Larry, Must be a great year for RV campgrounds! We passed several of them when we explored about Dandridge/Douglas Lake and Cherokee Lake today and they were all very busy...with some just packed. Sorry to hear about your hip! Not only will it probably screw up your summer driving plans, but you'll also pass me in hips and knee joints replaced. You'll be ahead 4-3! Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. I'm so very sorry to hear about that hip! Keep us posted on what's going on. And we were so looking forward to seeing you this Summer - So disappointed to hear this news!

  5. I'm glad you had a fun trip and enjoyed all the tasty seafood. I'm sorry to hear about your hip. My MIL always tells me that growing old isn't for sissy's!


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