Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Using Up The Beef Bones - Great Burritos

My last post was about the beef shanks we had gotten from our neighbors and I also mentioned that we got several packages of neck bones.  Not to let them go to waste, we cooked the neck bones in water overnight to get as much flavor from them as possible for broth and we got four very rich quarts - likely eight quarts of the store bought stuff.  As it turned out, we also got a couple cups of very tender meat from the bones and decided to make something for ourselves rather than give it to the dogs.

Since it was just cooked in water, the meat had no added flavor so I soaked it for several hours in a cup of water that included a large tsp. of taco seasoning and a half tsp of salt – it still needed more salt when we used it.

We decided to use the meat to make a favorite, burritos, as follows:  Add diced onions to a skillet with oil then add a can of drained Rotel.  Then I added some black olives, the meat, and some rice from a leftover Mexican restaurant meal, all seasoned with S&P.

To assemble the burritos, we added a generous portion of the mixture to eight inch flour tortillas, rolled, and I topped mine with salsa verde and cheddar cheese.  

They were then nuked to melt the cheese and topped with lettuce and tomato – I forgot the sour cream.

The burritos were really delicious and much better than the restaurant take out we had eaten a couple of days earlier.  The next morning, for breakfast, I added a couple of beaten eggs to the remaining burrito filling for a delicious scramble. 

I believe we got about as much from our neighbor’s meat gift as possible, except for giving our dogs the bones, and it’s amazing what you can make from virtual scraps.

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1/24/21 meal date


  1. Way better than takeout! YUM!

  2. You come up with the best meals.

  3. You're making the most from that beef gift. Those burritos look fabulous. I hope the dogs at least got a bite or two before you made them. :)

  4. Larry, This is a perfect example of the mantra 'waste not, want not'! Great use of that extra meat as well as the bones for broth. Love salsa verde on my burritos! Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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