Friday, January 1, 2021

Chicken Fried Pork Loin AKA Schnitzel


Let’s all hope that 2021 soon looks much better than 2020.

We’ve eaten schnitzel in Germany, Austria, Texas, and several other US places and have never had a bad one. Schnitzel is defined as a thin slice of veal or other light meat, coated in breadcrumbs and fried.  Wiener Schnitzel is made with veal, Schweineschnitzel is made with pork and Hähnchenschnitzel is made with chicken. When it’s made with beef, it’s the American invented Chicken Fried Steak which is believed to have originated from the Germans and Austrians who settled in the Texas Hill Country where beef was king.  This German influence is also likely why Texas BBQ menus include sausage.  

This is a great looking rendition from the Daring Gourmet.

When schnitzel is topped with gravy, the name changes to something like Jagerschnitzel (Hunter Schnitzel) which is pork schnitzel topped with mushroom gravy.  I offered my girls mushroom gravy but they all declined in favor of plain pork schnitzel.  I began with four boneless pork chops about ¾“ thick, then jaccarded both sides and further flattened them with my rubber mallet ending at 3/16 - 1/4.”  This is after the Jaccard and pounding.

I set up a breading station of flour, beaten egg, and plain bread crumbs.

The recipe I looked at clearly said the meat should not sit around after breading so I put it directly into the pan.  I believe it is normally cooked in clarified butter but I used a combo of butter and peanut oil.

My plan was to serve the schnitzel with boiled potatoes and Brussels sprouts but when Bev suggested Brussels sprouts/sweet potato hash, I quickly agreed.

I failed to get a plated pic but we all thought is was very good.  One thing I would do different next time is have more oil in the pan to prevent the splotchy look and it have the gravy, at least on mine. 

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  1. I think I just may have to try this one but definitely with gravy. But I don't have a meat tenderize thingie or a mallet. I bet my neighbor has one though.

  2. We actually order what they called German Chicken Hunter at a very nice restaurant for years this will be on the list to make we love it smothered in gravy! They also served it on some kind of bread not sure what else with a cabbageinside mashed potatoes. Creamed peas, what a great memory, it was unfortunate the place burned down and they never reopened. Happy New Year! I am going to try this maybe even today!

  3. Larry, Laurie loves a good veal schnitzel. (Chicken and pork too) I like mine with an egg on top and she likes hers with a rahm sauce (with or without mushrooms). We both like paprika schnitzel. Laurie also likes the Jaeger schnitzel and another one I like involves white wine, lemon juice and heavy cream. Happy New Year! Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Happy New Year! Love that idea of the brussels sprouts hash. Been wanting to make schnitzel. I saw a recipe where you spread mustard on the loin before sending it to the standard breading station. Thought it sounded good.

  5. Looks and sounds very authentic and delicious, Larry! It looks good just the way you did it in the skillet! When we lived in Germany, we ate more than our share of schnitzel and I really miss it. Most of the time it was made with veal, but they made it with pork also. Unfortunately, it's near impossible to find veal here. Have to make it soon with pork! The hash looks pretty tasty too. Happy New Year to you and Bev!

  6. We have had all the different kinds of schnitzel that you mentioned when traveling in Germany and Austria. Actually pork seems to be more popular there than veal primarily because they don't raise that much beef there. We may them at home and I have one suggestion so they won't be blotchy. While they are pan frying, baste the tops of them with a little of the oil they are cooking in for even browning. Happy New Year to you all.

  7. My kind of meal!! YUM. Happy New Year!!!


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