Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Roof At The Ranch

At 25 years on a 30 year roof, we had spots with very little gravel and we decided it was time for a new roof (it was more important than the new flooring we’d been considering for this year).  The two major decisions were using painted steel or shingles and which roofer to use.  After researching it and considering our wooded location, we decided on painted steel with a 40 year warranty so I went to the local company that makes the roofing and got the names of three installers they would recommend.  They each gave me a bid for both metal and 40 year shingles (about $1000 cheaper) and some homes we could look at to see their work and look at colors – we knew we did not want one of the bright ones and it’s better to see a whole roof rather than just a small sample.

Of the three bids, which were pretty close, we opted to stick with our metal decision and go with the middle bidder (Valley Vista Construction) as I felt the best about him personally.  If you are considering a metal roof, our cost to remove the old roof, clean up and haul off, replace any damaged wood, and install felt and roofing with a two year installation warranty was $272/square or $2.72.sq.ft.

So they showed up at 9am on the coldest day of the fall at 22F (8 degrees below normal) and began the removal process – note the frost.

Garage partially complete

More removal

Felt down or back of garage (actually reinforced plastic)

Unfortunately they only got in 1½ days of work before the rains came so they weatherproofed everything and resumed work after three days.  Finally the rain quit and they showed up at first light to work all day without a break to finish up in one day and I believe it looks good.

The real test will come when it gets leak tested over the winter but I am optimistic.

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  1. Looks like you made a great choice. Very attractive!

  2. I like your choice of the metal roof especially under the trees. Looking good.

  3. When we had a house we talked about a metal roof. But we sold the house instead. I sure do like the looks of that roof - great color. I'll be curious to see if it's any noisier during a storm - especially hail. Maybe you don't get much hail but Montana always gets a lot.

  4. Larry, Roof looks good and, as we mentioned the other day, we have a new roof in our future too. Not looking forward to the expense on a retirement income! Per the POA rules, we can't have a metal roof. Too bad because your new roof looks great! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. I bet you are glad to be done with the whole process. I love the sound of rain on metal roofs. Your house looks beautiful.

  6. That does look good! I have to address leaks in some of my dormers, and my guy is supposed to start later this week with the worst one, and proceed as his time permits. Because I have a slate roof, he's going to remove the slate, put down Ice & Water shield, fix the valleys and replace the slate. Sounds like a project to me, but it's got to get done, so we can get the buckets out of the attic.

  7. Congratulations on that new roof. And I bet you're glad to get that over with. It can be noisy. Living in a hail prone area, I think we had 3 new roofs put on in the 20 some years we lived in our old house.


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