Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Kids Annual Summer Visit – Part 3

Following are some shots of our visitors, beginning with the Roden’s who got the tall gene from their dad’s family.  L-R it's 17 year old Jennafer, 15 year old Lauren, 47 year old Kathy, and almost 19 year old Katelyn.

The other half of our visitor group L-R was 18 year old granddaughter Reece, friend Trinity, friend Grace, and 16 year old granddaughter Riley.

The Roden’s again just before they hit the road for the drive to the Atlanta airport.

On the last full day of their visit Bev (Meme) treated them to a trip to the Ocoee River to go zip lining and white water rafting.

After a hot morning in the trees, they headed for the river to raft the middle section (upper section had been used for the Atlanta Olympics) and they were joined by the two girls who had passed on the zip lining.

For their last meal her, Bev wanted to make one of her favorite meals - Southwestern Breakfast Nachos With Special Sauce.

It was a nice visit and the only real issue we had was the first night when Bev and I were awakened by loud talking at two then again at four am.  We considered how to deal with the issue then it dawned on me that the easy solution was for us to just move out to the RV to sleep - problem solved.

I'm already thinking about next years visit and some modifications beginning with the food.  Kathy always has some special requests to fulfill and I know she appreciates the meals we make but I think the kids would be just as happy with pizza or fast food and I'll take this into account next year.  Bev and I live a pretty easy going, low stress, low excitement life so with a houseful of teenagers I soon begin feeling a little stressed, so next time I want to make sure any outside trip (rafting, Dollywood, etc) occurs mid-visit to give us a chance to catch our breath and unwind a little.

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7/5-7/6/18 Event Dates


  1. Sounds like a wonderful visit, and all the girls are beautiful! I haven't been on the Ocoee in years, and that river does not disappoint if you're looking for an exciting adventure. Enjoy the peace and quiet, you're earned it!

  2. The busy visits are fun but can be stressful, looks like everyone had fun.

  3. Larry, Wow! That's a bunch of teenagers...and girls to boot! Must have been a lot of chatter all the time. They were an active bunch for sure. Love the sleep solution! You are right about, burgers, hot dogs...all easier and just as appreciated I'm sure. Calm week ahead for ya'll I hope! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. You have some beautiful granddaughters there, Larry! Looks like it was a wonderful visit.

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time. Good to figure out what works best for you when having loads of young energy around... sleeping in the RV was a great idea!

  6. Life is going to be very boring for those girls now that they have headed by home. I think the two of you will need a lot of naps to recuperate.


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