Saturday, July 28, 2018

2018 Summer RV Trip – Day 5 – Muskegon

The guys showed up at 8am to look at our coach water leak and couldn’t find anything obvious but fixed several possibilities so I’m hopeful all is good.  After they finished we headed north on IN-13, US-131, MI-89, MI-40, and US-31 and while none of the roads were great none were really bad either.  Most were paved-over concrete roads with joint cracks in the asphalt that were readily felt by the high pressure RV tires.  Traffic was moderate until we got on US-31 which is obviously a main artery along Michigan’s west coast.

We pulled into Duck Creek RV Resort mid afternoon, got set up, relaxed and decided to order pizza delivery for supper.  Based upon Bev’s research, she chose Bernie O’s in north Muskegon and we ordered a 10” Twist and a 16” Mack the Stack.

Bernie O’s is highly rated in Michigan with some national recognition and we thought both pizzas were good and you can see the toppings were generous.  The only negative was that the crust that was no longer crispy but a little tough - but that’s what comes from not wanting to get all ready and go to the restaurant.

While Duck Creek is at the low end of my scale, I would go along with it being considered an RV resort.  The streets were paved, the sites had a concrete pad for the coach and the car, and the utilities were well positioned.  The 50 channel cable system worked well and the wifi was strong but a little slow – typical campground system.  The site was long enough for our coach and the distance between sites was very good.  The second shot is the club house and pool from the web then my shots of our site and near it.

After arriving I wondered why the campground was located out in the middle of nowhere and while walking around, we noticed a few things that surprised us:  the large number of rigs with Michigan tags, the large number of towables in a high dollar resort, and the large number of kids, then we discovered that Michigan Adventure (Michigan's largest amusement park) is right across the road.  The amusement park also includes an outdoor water park, WildWater Adventure. It is headlined by seven roller coasters, including Shivering Timbers, a basic wooden coaster, and a suspended looping coaster, Thunderhawk.

The bad news - the work the guys did on the A/C did not fix the leak and I don’t plan to waste another wad of cash, so we will be without that unit the remainder of the trip – hopefully we’ll find the cool weather we came up here for.

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  1. Looks like a nice place to stay, and the pizza looks excellent, keep enjoying your time there.

  2. Sorry about the AC in your RV... BUT, as you said, I hope you have lots and lots of COOL weather.

    Those pizzas looked good...

  3. Oh man so sorry about the A/C. Nice looking site but did the kids quiet down at night?

  4. Larry, Ouch! Bad luck with the air conditioner! Wishing ya'll low temperatures with low humidity. Those pizzas are certainly! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Keeping fingers crossed for cooler weather. And sometimes I'd take a tough crust over getting ready to go to the restaurant.

  6. The pizzas look tasty but it's a bummer the crust wasn't the best. Sorry to hear the a/c unit is still not working. Hope it stays cool for you guys.


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