Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stromboli Numero Uno

Bev had bought some refrigerator pizza dough and suggested calzones for supper to which I counter-suggested Stromboli which I had been wanting to make – basically the same thing in a different shape.  Bev had frozen some homemade meatballs so we opted to use them along with some pepperoni, onions, peppers, tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella.  Here it is before baking and before braiding the top.

And hear it is from the oven.

It was very good, but I knew there was a problem when I heard Bev laughing in the kitchen when she removed it from the oven.

Here are the lessons learned for this first try.

1. For your first attempt, just fold one half over the other rather than do the braid
2. Either don’t over-stuff or roll the dough bigger
3. Be sure the braids are well stuck together – maybe an egg wash vs. just water
4. And if you do the braid, be sure to cut the same number on each side - duh.

Or just believe you’ve created a new kind of Italian dish and blog about it to be sure you can make it again.

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2/7/17 Meal Date


  1. That looks very tasty and I see and original creation, bet it sure tasted good too.

  2. Larry, Very creative indeed! Looks like whale ribs sticking up in the air. With the peppers, etc., obviously not my kind of dish but Laurie would like it... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. I always get a chuckle when I hear the word Stromboli. We had a sports announcer that would constantly shout out Stromboli. Here on the west coast nobody knows or have heard of Stromboli. We had to look up what he was talking about. Your Stromboli looks fantastic. I just cracked myself up. Stromboli.

  4. The braids can be tricky but who cares when the stromboli has homemade meatballs on it! It looks and sounds super tasty Larry.

  5. It looks great to me, but the important thing is how it tastes and I know this had to be delicious! Way to go, Larry!

  6. I think it looks amazing Larry - no problem here! I just adore pizza dough, cheese and sauce. The perfect food!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones. We are enjoying this special day in Arkansas at our special little cabin on the mountain!

    YUM.... Trying over and over is the best way to get it PERFECT.

  8. I'm going with the new kind of Italian dish theory. Glad I'm not the only one whose dough decides it doesn't want to cooperate!

  9. Mmm we love stromboli! Never braided ond and now must give that a try- it does look pretty! Hi Larry, thanks for popping over yesterday to my blog- it has been a long time for me since my last post. Looks like you are still cooking up a storm and I hope you are still traveling a lot too!

  10. Stromboli has been on my list of things to make for-EVER. And for my first attempt, I doubt I'll braid. You know me and that dough thing. Better keep it simple. I have a client who owned a restaurant in Florida and specialized in Stromboli. He told me the secret is how you layer the ingredients. I sure hope I can find those notes. If I do, I'll send them over.

  11. I love the last option. :D It is an impressive meal no matter what it is called.

  12. Looks good to me...a great weekend dish! The weekend because as a kid we always had pizza or hamburgers on Friday night. The stromboli takes it up a notch! Looks good to me!

  13. LOL! It might have looked the way you thought, but at least it was still edible!! Now I want Stromboli for dinner!

  14. I love it! It's fun to try new things like this. I bet it still tasted good, especially with those meatballs.


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