Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pizza Sandwich Ala Mom

When I was a kid, my mom made these sandwiches for us at lunch (we came home from the neighborhood school for lunch) and they were always a hit.  After I made them for Bev and me several years ago, she also became a fan.

Since we had some ham, bread, and tomatoes needing to be used, this was a good excuse to make another round.  The ingredients for each of these sandwiches was:

One slice of sour dough bread from a round loaf
One 1/4” slice of Kentucky Legend Ham 
Shredded cheese of your choice (or slices)
Sliced Roma tomatoes
Diced onion
Italian spices (mom used just oregano)

1. Nuke the ham slice to warm it a little then build the sandwich – bread, ham, cheese, tomato, onion, seasonings.  
2. Bake in the toaster oven at 350 for about 10 minutes or until cheese begins to melt, then run it trough one toast cycle to finish cooking.

Note:  The stacking order is important to ensure the onions and tomatoes cook some.  If you want the cheese on top, just wait and add it after the toast cycle then broil it until melted.

The sandwiches were delicious and, of course, would be even better with tomatoes right off the vine.  My next one will have a couple of ever easy eggs on top.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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2/5/17 Meal Date


  1. Larry, I'm not surprised that you're planning to put eggs on top the next time you build one of these! Nice looking creation with basic ingredients and lots of flavor going for it. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. Hmmm...these would certainly hit the spot at our house! It isn't your everyday ham and mustard!

  3. I picture you having one of these for breakfast with an egg on top! This sandwich sounds delicious. Did you mom use Sourdough? The sandwich from my childhood memories are from left over roast beef - yum.

  4. Yummy looking sandwich, and so many variations that you could do with that as well.

  5. How cool you got to go home for lunch. Neighborhoods aren't what they used to be! Love this sandwich and I know my husband will too. I'm going to make it for him! Thanks Larry

  6. This sandwich has me drooling! Good idea - over easy egg on top would make this beauty even more tasty!

  7. Looking good!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I could go got one of these, right now! Yum!

  9. What a delicious memory of your school years and your mother's cooking, Larry! The sandwich does sound wonderful!

  10. Great idea ... now I know what to fix for lunch tomorrow!


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