Sunday, October 30, 2016

RV Rally – Maggie Valley, NC – Days 3&4

This is a continuation of our RV rally trip from the previous post - warning lots of pics.

Like many smaller mountain towns, Waynesville, NC has morphed itself into a tourist destination so after a heart healthy, camp cooked breakfast of biscuits & gravy, sausage, ham, and scrambled eggs, we headed into town for a little site seeing and shopping for our initial day-three activity.

We then went down the street for another fine lunch, this time at Bogart’s.

Some of us finished up Waynesville with a visit to Barber Orchards Fruit Stand to pick up some delicious apples and cider – the line was too long for me to wait for fried pies.

We topped off the day with our second activity - a 13 mile, evening drive into the GSMNP’s Cataloochee Valley in hopes of seeing some elk, which had been reintroduced into the park beginning in 2001 and have grown from 52 into a herd of a about 160 and have spread into other areas of the park.  Thankfully, after driving the curvy and sometimes gravel road, the elk did not disappoint as they were in the fields and the creek next to the road and even mingled with one of our group – they have obviously become pretty tame.

This big guy is standing around watching over his group of females and we saw several other females still nursing calves.

I only heard one bugle while we were there and I think it may have come from the big bull.

When we got back, we had our usual campfire and Bill, The Gadget Guy, brought out his bubble machine to enhance the effect – earlier in the week, he had used blue and green laser lights.

The next morning we headed into Maggie Valley for breakfast at the very popular Joey’s Pancake House and it seemed everyone was happy with their meals – I had pancakes and they were light as a cloud.  The rest of the day was “on your own time” which I spent working on this post and getting ready to fry fish for supper.

For supper that evening we began with some delicious clam chowder followed by fried crappie, using House Autry Breading, hush puppies, slaw, and desserts.  It was pretty good but I was disappointed in how I tried to cook and serve the fish – it ended up not as crispy or hot as I wanted at serving time – lesson learned. Sorry no shots of it.

Saturday we said our good buys to most of the group and a few of stayed for another night or two.  I thought it was a fun rally and as always, we enjoyed getting together with this group – I believe we only had about three serious coach issues, everyone got home safely, but we did have one case of pneumonia – bummer on that one.  When queried by a non-member as to what we do at these rallies, one of our group said that she answered – we eat and then we plan our next meal.  Not quite that bad, but food is sure a big part of our rallies – we enjoy the simple things in life.

After the rally-folks departed, we went over to the Asheville Farmers Market and this is Bev in her normal travel position - all dogged up.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


10/20 – 10/22/16 event dates


  1. Looks like you have been enjoying some great times seeing interesting places and great food.

  2. You are a travelin' man! Traveling for friends is so much fun. I have never explored the is on our bucket list.

  3. Nice little no-stress road trip you had there. All those apples at that fruit stand! I'd have loved it.

  4. Loved reading both of your posts from Maggie/area... We love that area and have seen many of the same things you saw.... We've eaten at Joey's Pancake House several times when we were in that area for breakfast...

    We were not far from you the same time you were there. We spent the day (19th) in the Smokies/Clingman's Come/Foothills Pkway, etc... and spent the night in Cherokee. Then on the 20th--- we drove from Cherokee to Robbinsville --and over the Cherohala Skyway, gradually heading home. Saw some of the prettiest Autumn Colors in both areas (higher elevations) we have ever seen.. We were there at the perfect time. Took a gazillion pictures. (Not much color here on the plateau due to the heat and drought)...


  5. What a great time to be in NC. Greet elk!

  6. Larry, Now that camp breakfast is my kind of morning meal! Bogart's reminds me of a Wisconsin Roadhouse...all woody and warm. Glad to see that you got to Joey's. It wasn't open when we went over the mountains with ya'll. That lady and the elk...WHAT!! One kick and then dial 911 for sure! Bev...Dog gone it, you're lucky you can breathe under that mound of fur! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. As usual, I became instantly hungry after reading your post. You got some great shots Larry and it looks like you had a great time.

  8. I think food brings people together. It sounds like a fun group of people and another great adventure!

  9. Great round up - love the elk photos! You have a wonderful group of friends Larry - such fun!

  10. What a nice trip and so glad you didn't miss Joey's. We spent a month in Maggie Valley several years ago, very nice area. Often when we were in Asheville we stopped at Waynesville for lunch on the way home.

  11. We've never actually 'been to Maggie Valley', only driving 'by' it on I-40 between trips to and from Knoxville to South Carolina. I would love to visit it someday. And of course, enjoy some great food!
    Merriest of Christmases to you and Bev!


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