Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Days 68 & 69 – The Final Two Days

Our final two days for the trip began in Oak Grove, MO and we got on the road a little before 10am.  First let me say that Kansas still wins the I-70 road condition prize and like CO, MO was working to get it better.  For the whole trip I never complained about delays due to infrastructure repair – it’s direly needed.

We took I-70 east, then I-64 & I-270 around St. Louis and finally I-55 to Sikeston (good road and light traffic).  We arrived at our overnight stop at Hinton RV Park, for our third time there, and once again found it perfect for an overnight stay.  The site was level and long enough to not require unhooking, the utilities, cable, and WiFi all worked fine – it's convenient to I-55 and a service station with big vehicle pumps - definitely recommend this place.

While we didn’t have to unhook, we decided to drive the car down the road for our third visit to Lamberts Café – Home Of Throwed Rolls.  We really liked it three years ago, thought it wasn’t quite as good two years ago and were really disappointed this time – probably won’t go back.

Our final day was longer than normal as we went from Sikeston, to Paducah,KY, to Nashville, then home and we experienced our worst roads of the trip on I-24 thru Nashville.  We also noticed a big deterioration in TN's I-40 since we last traveled it.

We rolled into Almost Heaven South about 5pm on Wed and were glad to be home safe and sound – trip recap coming.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


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  1. Back home again, get ready for your next adventure.
    We have been to Lamberts Cafe 3 times too on the Gulf Shores Alabama and had the same experience as you each visit went downhill.

  2. Welcome home to all of you. As much as I know you enjoy your traveling, I'm sure it felt very good to be home once more.

  3. There's no place like home! :-)

  4. Larry, Welcome home! Sorry to hear about Lambert's cafe's continuing decline... Ya'll had an epic journey that's for sure! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Glad to see you made it back home safe and sound. I'm sure you were ready to roll into that driveway. We just arrived in Phoenix yesterday after caravanning with daughter and a U-Haul. It's been a whirlwind week as you can imagine and I'm just now getting caught up with your blog posts. I look forward to your recap and once again it was such a delight connecting with you three.

  6. Happy to hear you are home safe. Most of the highways in the US are in rough shape anymore. And like you, I try not to complain at the construction going on to improve them. Sorry about Lamberts not being any good. Heard so many things about the place but have never been.

  7. After all of this is over, you should write a book listing what RV parks you recommend (along with eating places along the way) and the ones you do NOT recommend all along your journey. I'm sure that other RVer's would enjoy your thoughts...

    Hope you are home now (since I know you said that your blogs were not in date sequence)..... We've had nothing but dreariness for the past several days... We haven't had much rain --but lots and lots of DRIZZLE/CLOUDS/WIND --and light rain.... And--it's gotten cold enough for sweats and a fire in the fireplace here....


    1. I think the horrible ice storms in TN this past winter just ruined our roads--along with trees, etc... I hope and pray that this coming winter is not as bad here...

      Glad you made it home...

  8. Larry, welcome home! We have been saying you were likely relaxing there by now. Hope your trip out west was all you hoped it would be. Thank you for taking time to be with us. Hugs to Bev and Pat. From your Almost Heaven West friends. /(^.^)\


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