Monday, May 18, 2015

Two Rivers Landing RV Park - Low Country Boil

Our RV club had it’s May rally at the Two Rivers RV Resort in Sevierville, TN but we were unable to attend due to a previous commitment.  We were available on Sunday and the rally hosts invited us to come up for the day for a repeat of the low country boil we made at last year’s rally in the Charleston, SC area.

Before discussing the meal, here’s a little about the park beginning with a shot from Google Earth.

As you can see, it sits on the French Broad River with 55 sites – 25 pull-ins on the river and 30 back-ins with a river view – so all of the coach fronts face the river.  They had such good photos on their website, I decided to use them rather than take my own

This is such a nice place, I hate we missed out camping here, especially in that end site parallel to the river.  For comparison, the nightly rate for the riverfront sites here is $65, the highest rate at Anchor Down is $69

and the rate for the KOA in Mt. Pleasant, SC is $70.

I guess it's all about location, competition, and the KOA name as this site is not in the same league as the other two.

And now back to the rally.  We made the hour and ten minute drive and spent the afternoon visiting with club members before firing up the big pot.  Using Zaterain's Pro Boil as the spice, we cooked up a batch of Low Country Boil of red potatoes, kielbasa, corn, and shrimp and dumped it on the butcher paper covered tables for the 15 hungry eaters. These shots are at the end of the meal as the piles of food have pretty much disappeared..

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.The meal was a hit and we enjoyed spending time with our club friends.


5/17/15 event date


  1. Now that sounds like a great gathering and awesome meal.
    As nice as those places are those prices are out of our budget.

    1. Pretty much out of ours as well, but they offered a much less $35/night for the rally

  2. Definitely not in my budget. We'd be stretching it for the $35 a night but look at those views of the river. And your boil is making my mouth water.

  3. Beautiful spot. Only the coaches get the river side spots????? ;)

  4. Larry, Nice RV Park! Good looking Low Country Boil too! All I'd need is Tabasco... I haven't heard. Will we see ya'll at the wine tasting tomorrow? Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Sorry you missed the entire rally --but glad you got there on Sunday. I'm sure all of your friends appreciated that awesome dinner... Sounds TERRIFIC...

    That is a gorgeous RV park... Love the location on the river... BEAUTIFUL.


  6. I've always wanted to do a big low country boil - along with cold beer I would be a happy camper! Love those RV sites - pretty campgrounds - especially the first one!

  7. Looks like a pretty fancy rv park!

  8. The RV park on the river looks lovely. Glad you at least got to enjoy the low country boil - sounds delicious!

  9. I'm sure your low country boil was delicious Larry. Lucky campers. Great park.

  10. I know why you would be welcomed…besides your great personality, it is the good food you prepare.

  11. You are having an excellent late spring coach tour, Larry! The French Broad River is indeed very pretty, and it would be wonderful to be parked right next to it.

  12. Wow, that looks like fun. And you have such a lovely spot right on the river. What a great way to travel.

  13. I love these upscale RV parks you find, some great sites. Hope you all are having a great Memorial day weekend!

  14. wow that sounds great and looks like a great time was had by all!


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