Tuesday, May 5, 2015

RV Trip Leg Two – Charleston, SC

I had previously posted about our first stop on this trip at Anchor Down RV Resort and from there we made a return trip to the KOA in Mt. Pleasant, SC, where we hosted a rally last year.  This re-visit was made because we enjoyed the area but mostly because SIL, Pat, couldn’t go last year.

We decided to stay in the same place as we liked being on the Mt. Pleasant side of Charleston and the things that area had to offer without going into or thru downtown Charleston.  There are some other nice campgrounds around but the nicer ones are south of town.

This is our site facing the nice boomerang shaped lake.

We ate two meals at one of our favorite places – Page’s Okra Grill – and these are shots of our breakfast meals.

Pat had the Raspberry Waffle ($5.25) which she thought was just okay.

Bev had TJ’s Hot Mess (a split biscuit with southern fried chicken breast topped with scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese and sausage gravy all for $6) and she had a side of pimento cheese smothered home fries ($3).

I got an even better shot of hers last year.

I had the Shem’s Creek Omelet (three eggs with scallops, shrimp, and pepper jack cheese) with pimento cheese grits ($9.60).

Both of our meals were very good, just as last year, and we all think their fried chicken may be the best we’ve eaten.  While the food was the same, after a couple of big time write-ups, they were much busier.  I can't say I ate seafood for every meal but counting leftovers for some lunch and breakfast meals, I was well over 50%.

While I relaxed and dog sat, the girls visited two farmers markets, spent one day shopping in Mt. Pleasant, and two days shopping in downtown Charleston – I’d rather take a flogging.

We also got to spend a very pleasant evening with old college friends Doug and Marty, during which I showed them how I make grilled Oysters Rockefeller and they showed us how to make their delicious no-filler crab cakes.

We did drive over to check out the Oak Plantation Campground, which we thought was very nice then drove down to Kiawah Island, which I had always wanted to see, only to discover that the entire town is a gated community.  At least it was a nice little drive through the Live Oaks and pines.

We made the trip back home in one nine hour drive and while I was tired, I’m happy to report that we had no engine failures this time.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


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  1. The meals look wonderful and so reasonably priced. The drive must have been beautiful.

  2. Looks like you had a nice rv spot and some amazing grub. Bev's breakfast sandwich has me seriously drooling!

  3. Love that campground site. And a no breakdown drive always makes for a happy homecoming.

  4. Those are some delicious plates Larry! A flogging - I know you must secretly love shopping - not! We stayed at that same KOA years ago while vacationing in Charleston. I am convinced we have crossed paths somewhere! Have a great week :)

  5. Larry, Thanks for the head's up on Kiawah Island. We're planning to head over to Charleston later this year and that saves me a few extra miles. We will definitely find a way to drop by Page's Okra Grill for breakfast or dinner! I'm all for TJ's Hot Mess in the AM or some top notch fried chicken in the PM. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave.

  6. I have died and gone to biscuits, gravy and pimento cheese heaven.

  7. Glad to see you're having a great road trip and great meals to boot.

  8. Looks like you're having a great time, Larry! I love that part of the country!

  9. I think I might get a heart attack just from seeing TJ's Hot Mess, wow that is a sandwich and a half! (Or biscuit)

  10. Nice to get away and bonus no breakdowns too.

  11. A big WOW to those pimento cheese smothered home fries.

  12. your meal with the seafood sounds like my kind of everything anytime love the photos! WOW!

  13. These meals really do look great and it sounds like you are having a great time. Carry on :-)

  14. Pimento cheese smother fries...wow. And one of these days you're going to have to take another tip to Colorado so you can show me how to make those grilled rockefellers.

  15. Hi there, Just stopping by to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to you. I’m sure you are having a fabulous day. I celebrated yesterday when one of my sons and his beautiful wife came to see us….

    As you probably know, we’ve been out-of-town this past week and I haven’t done any blogging much at all. I hope you enjoyed my two Tulip blog posts while we were gone——and be sure and tune in tomorrow morning to find out what we’ve been doing this past week….

    Enjoyed your post today! Charleston is the ONLY place I've been where I LOVE their grits... I'd love the pimento cheese ones I'm sure.


  16. Welcome home!!! I have Charleston on my list of places to visit. I have been through Charleston but have not taken the time to really enjoy it.
    Take care.

  17. that food! my mouth! it's watering!

  18. The food all looks great and Charleston is great too! I've never heard of pimento cheese over any kind of potatoes, but it sounds like heaven to me!!! Take care.

  19. I had to laugh out loud at your "flogging" comment! Actually, right now, I would rather kick back and look at the view, also!

  20. I love every thing about all of 'em... smothered eggs with gravy and fried chicken, baked pimento cheese... I don't know if it gets any better...


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