Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 Blogger Party Cancelled

Hi All - While the list of potential attendees for this year’s get together was high on quality, it was very low on numbers so we will cancel for this year and see how things look next year.

Thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South



  1. Too bad that those things have to happen, but will be fine again next year.

  2. So sorry we couldn't be there this year Larry.

  3. Larry, Looking forward to next year! Hope that all is well... Big Daddy Dave and Laurie (aka. Beauty and the Beast)

  4. So sorry. We will miss you Bev and everyone. Hope to speak with you soon and if you're ever in our area we'd love to see you. Sandy and Stu

  5. Sigh... SO sorry to hear the news but understand... will be looking forward to another someday

    And hope a run through KC will be on the RV plans again soon!

    Dave and Jackie

  6. Thanks for the update Larry. It's hard to get people together with so many busy schedules. You're a trooper for always putting this together!
    Hope you're enjoying your travels!

  7. Darn... I always look forward to those posts about all of the food & fun you had together.


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