Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Florida Trip – Day 22 – Waters Edge RV Park & We're Home

It took us about two hours to make the 90 mile trip from Riverside RV Park near Port Charlotte to Waters Edge RV Park about ten miles SE of Okeechobee.  We went from a campground with 500 sites to one with 29 and containing the same managers and three rigs that were here last year when we were.

As a refresher of this very nice park, here are a few shots that I took last year.

This year we are one row closer to the lake and oriented such that we have a lot more shade.  This is a shot from the front of our site toward the lake which is behind the dike.  The visible water is the “ditch” that surrounds much of the lake.

I took this shot of a couple enjoying the sunset at a water-view site.

While I don’t like a campground that packs you in like sardines, I find that being closer than we were at Riverside encourages more conversation with your neighbors.  If you are looking for a small laid back and friendly park to spend some winter months or if you want a nice home base for fishing Lake Okeechobee, this may be the place for you.  Since it was built as a Class A only park, there are neither a laundry nor shower facilities at the resort.  It is 10 miles from the town of Okeechobee and a great value for south Florida - likely due to the remote location.

We started home on 1/24 and for the first 9000 miles of travel, it didn't occur to us that Bev could raise the foot rest on her seat while traveling - her she is with her assistants doing their navigator duties.

We got home on 1/25 and woke up to this on 1/27.

While no where near the events in New England, it's still a long way from the Florida shots above and the 80 degree temp the day before we left - easy to understand snowbirds.  I will continue to report on our trip for four more posts.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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1/17/15 - 1/27/15 event dates


  1. It looks like a nice rv park. I love the shot of the couple and the sunset!

  2. I just caught up on your Florida trip…it sounds like you had a good time. It was nice that you got to meet up the Sam and Meakin as well. As to snowbirds, I can't wait until we become them. We had 3 ft. of snow and it's snowing again today here in New Hampshire.

    1. I would love to have a nice little one foot snow that would hang around 2-3 days then rapidly melt away.

  3. BIG difference from sunny Florida. Bet those oyster Rockefellers would bring back the mood in a wink. Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. Florida has been quite chilly this year, hope you have had a great time and safe trip!


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