Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Southern Breakfast & Sandwich Experiment

For those of you who know Bev is in Florida and may be worried about me surviving, fear not.

Two fresh-from-a-local-farm eggs, Benton’s country ham, and Bev’s homemade biscuits from the freezer.  After I took the shot, I split the biscuits, cut the tomato in half and added them and some country ham to get two delicious breakfast sandwiches sided with scrambled eggs.  It got the day started right and lasted me til supper – I just love breakfast.

Tomato and Cottage Cheese Sandwich - A Few Days Earlier
I like tomatoes, I like sandwiches, I like tomato sandwiches, I like tomatoes and cottage cheese, so why not combine them me thinks.  I had what was the last tomato from this year’s plants and decided on cottage cheese and tomato for breakfast, then thought I should have some carbs and considered a piece of toast.  It was at this point that a brilliant idea popped into my head, why not a tomato and cottage cheese sandwich, especially since I had a fresh loaf of French bread.

I sliced the bread and added the sliced tomato with S&P.

I added a nice layer of my favorite Breakstone's Cottage Cheese with more S&P.

Add the top piece of bread and wa-la a sandwich is born.

So how was it you ask – pretty much as expected flavor-wise and much of the cottage cheese ended up on the plate, also as expected.  I’m not sure this is the sandwich I’d serve for a brunch J  so maybe not quite a brilliant idea - next time, I’ll try it open faced on hot pepper cheese toast.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.



  1. All good looking tasty meals, that sandwich would be excellent but like you said pretty messy.

  2. I had no fear that you wouldn't survive Larry. When we were watching carbs, we ate tomatoes and cottage cheese for breakfast many times and usually added a a good dollop of picante sauce on the cottage cheese to bring it a bit of extra flavor.

  3. Larry, You are definitely an original thinker! The breakfast biscuits are right there in my wheelhouse...but the cottage cheese and tomato sandwich is out there on the fringe of imagination. Keep on experimenting! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. A good BLT with extra tomato is one of my faves.....I'll pass on the cottage cheese LOL

  5. I knew you'd survive somehow. And I might have guessed that survival would involve eggs! I love cottage cheese and tomatoes, so this looks like a pretty darn good breakfast!

  6. Now that's one I have never heard of... A tomato and Cottage Cheese sandwich...... Wooo---we eat cottage cheese almost every day for lunch, usually with tomatoes/green onions/tuna or chicken---and whatever to make a salad to go with a bowl of soup.... BUT--never thought about using it as a sandwich. I'd probably like it though especially if it were a piece of my delicious whole grain bread --fixed as toast of course!!!!


  7. Bev has nothing to worry about….You have cottage cheese and tomato sandwiches happening at your house.


  8. That breakfast looks delicious! Also, I would never have thought to add cottage cheese to a sandwich - it looks AMAZING!

  9. Heck, yes, bring on the cottage cheese any time of day with anything. It makes my hubby gag, but I just bought more today. It all looks great to me and no doubt you will survive bachelorhood. No tomatoes like that here now, just snow everywhere and cold. Those plates are pretty cool!

  10. Being unsupervised seems to agree with your creativity. I've never thought about a cottage cheese sandwich.

  11. I'm sure you hated to see the end of the tomatoes from your garden but your breakfasts do look good.

  12. A little messy, was it? I hate biting into a sandwich and half of the stuffing plops out of the other side. Grrrr.


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