Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fish On The Grill Ala George

I follow several RV blogs, mostly full timers, and one I read daily is Our Awesome Travels which follows the journeys of George and Suzie, a full time Canadian couple who split their time between Canada and the USA.  George writes about their travels and his daily dinner creation (he was a restaurateur), which is nearly always cooked on a Weber Q – I once commented that he could be the poster boy for this grill.

He frequently cooks fish using an easy method for the grill by making a foil pan, seasoning the fish, topping with lemon slices and cooking with the lid closed (I assume) - I don’t know if he cooks over direct or indirect heat.

I wasn’t sure how it would work with this method but it’s a mild white fish and we were having a southern meal, so I used catfish – hey this is the South you know and I’m making a major departure by not frying it.

I decided to do a little taste test while I was at it and cooked four different filets – two spread with soft butter and two without and one of each with a different spice – toothpicks and whole or halved lemon slices tell me which is which.  Ready for the grill.

Since this was a southern meal, we also had fried okra and fried corn – thereby offsetting any health benefits of the non-fried fish.

I cooked them over indirect heat to an internal temperature of 140*.

I tasted a bite of all four but couldn’t pick a clear winner and I liked them all, telling me I don’t need to add butter in the future.  Bev had a preference and it was the one that had gotten a heavier coat of spice than I had intended – another lesson learned.  I will definitely use this method again and while they were not as good as fried catfish (is anything?), they were still very good and way healthier.  Thanks George for the inspiration and the technique.

Oh, and did I mention that Bev turned the last of our blueberries and some peaches into a pie that went down awfully easy with a scoop of Bluebell peach and vanilla ice cream.  So if the corn and okra didn't blow the diet, this sure did.

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8/15/14 meal date


  1. Your welcome Larry thanks for the shout, great posting.
    On my Weber it is always over direct heat, and always the lid closed, guess I forgot to mention that.
    The Basa and Catfish are very similar in taste, I love fried catfish so tasty, but working on a healthier lifestyle at the moment, so these kinda recipes are fun and easy to work with.
    And that pie look amazing, I can taste it from here.

  2. Your whole meal looks delicious Larry. Sounds like you had fun experimenting with the catfish. And Bev's pie is a work of art!

  3. I've got to try your fried corn and very soon. And being a kindred soul for not enjoying desserts, I'm with you on this one. Give me a pie or cobbler with ice cream and I suddenly have a dessert bowl in my hands.

  4. The fried corn really captured my attention-damn that sounds good here in the late summer. Your entire meal looks divine.

    Larry, I really enjoy your posts.


  5. This lovely meal made me miss my mother! Her okra looked just like that! We always cooked our trout that way when camping at Spivey Cove at Tellico :) We also miss camping there and eating trout for breakfast. Great memories on this great post!

  6. I ought to get myself one of those blackbird pie vents. And peach and vanilla ice cream sounds wonderful, as does the rest of this meal!

  7. Oh My Gosh---looks tremendous... I've already had my dinner/supper ---but this makes me hungry... I wondered how the grilled catfish would come out --since we southerners usually eat fried... Looks delicious.... AND that pie is to die for!!!!! Blue Bell is the only ice cream we eat. It's really the best... It followed me to Tennessee when I moved here since it's to Texas like Mayfield is to Tennessee...BUT--I'm a Blue Bell gal.

    Have a great week.

  8. We haven't cared for baked catfish. But we did have the yummy smothered pork chops the other night.

  9. Fine meal Larry and the lemon makes it so special.

  10. Catfish is great and yours looks delicious! We had it on the grill this evening, on a grill pan, love it with a lot of cornmeal. The okra looks great, haven't had it in years and need to find some after seeing yours. I'm guessing you fry your corn in butter, yum! You people way down there really know how to feast!

  11. I love that you tried different variations in one meal... it's fun to switch it up! The whole meal looks fantastic but the pie has me drooling.

  12. We do almost all of our fish on the grill in the summer on the flat side of a cast iron griddle. The flesh gets a nice crispy finish that way. This almost makes me want to try catfish :) I remember getting them on my fishing hook as a kid - ewwww! That pie looks so good too.

  13. That is a southern meal at its finest…it all looks delicious. I haven't had fried okra in years and oh that pie looks great.


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