Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Florida Trip – Palm Beach Gardens Green Market

When we travel, we enjoy visiting and shopping at farmers markets and while the pickins are scarce where we are staying, there are several within an hour’s drive on the Atlantic coast.  Our first one was the Palm Beach Gardens Green Market which seems to be put on by the city and is held in a parking lot beside the municipal building.

With more than 120 vendors, it is a very big market with my two photos showing only about ¼ of it.

It is a collection of arts & crafts, produce, prepared foods, bakeries, plants, seafood, cheese, and food & drink vendors and they were all intermingled so you had to walk the entire market to find all of the produce, for example.  I didn’t take many specific shots but this quiche looked too good to walk by.

As you can see from above, it was very well attended and a parking space was hard to come by – I’ve never seen so many clean cars in my life and being where we were the high dollar models were pretty common.

We ended up buying a little produce, some baked goods, two quarts of bisque, made from Maine lobster, and a quart of spicy sour pickles – hard for me to believe no jewelry was purchased.  If in the area and you like farmers markets/ craft fairs you will probably want this one on your must see list.

From the market, we headed over to the beach and drove Ocean Drive north to Jupiter before heading back to the campground.

We all commented at never seeing the Atlantic look prettier.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. What a nice way to spend the day at the farmers market and a drive by the beach. Looks like you picked the right day. The ocean looks as calm as a lake. After we saw you, we drove on the stretch of road (our favorite) by the ocean from Jupiter to Juno Beach, and there were elephant waves. It had really kicked up with the cold front.

  2. A little food, a little crafts and a drive by the beach…that sounds nice. We will be heading to Florida next month, hope we get sunny days like in your photos.

  3. Sure sounds like you guys are having a great time. Always nice to get away for awhile and see new things. There are some produce stands around Yuma that I really want to check out while we are here. No ocean to enjoy though so love seeing your pictures.

  4. Larry, Great looking market! It'll be about 50 degrees with sunshine here today...but it looks like it may hit the single digits 3 nights this week...6 is projected for one night! Going through some propane... Lobster bisque, one of Laurie's very favorite things... Say Hi to Bev and Pat and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. I would have loved that market visit. And Larry, somedays are just not jewelry days. I can't explain it. :) Love these large photos.

  6. Florida looks much warmer than the Pacific Northwest! We went to the zoo was 37 but COLD! A nice stroll in a sunny farmer's market would be much more pleasant!

  7. I love a good farmers market... it looks like you found a good one!

  8. Larry, thank you for sharing the market photos. Love going to farmer's markets in other cities.



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