Friday, November 22, 2013

Marco – The Rental Condo

I’ve been fooling around with rental property for about 30 years and when I inherited a one bedroom condo in Florida, I decided to rent it in case we wanted to use it at some point in the future.  I was lucky enough to get a tenant who lived there for the entire dozen years I’ve owned it.

Unfortunately she finally got to a point that she could not live alone and moved out so I was faced with the decision of what to do now.  During the Marco trip, Bev and I made the 2½ hour drive up to Bradenton to inspect it and meet with a realtor.

I believed that the tenant had taken very good care of the unit so I was a little shocked at what I found even though she had advised she would not be able to clean it.

I didn’t realize she was a smoker and everything in the condo had a coat of sticky residue on it – the wire shelves in the closets were very sticky to the touch and will require replacement.

Prior to the condo visit, I had talked with my realtor daughter, Kathy, and she had talked with the local realtor, so after a little discussion, we decided to sell it.  As it turned out, we were even able to meet with a contractor to get a price to get it in shape to sell.  From this point the realtor will look after everything – I like that part.

I always thought it would be nice to have a doctor, a lawyer, and an airline employee (relatives used to fly free) in the family but have now decided a realtor is better than either the lawyer or airline employee – I’d still like a doctor though.

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  1. Whoa, Larry. So sorry for the mess you found. That happened to us too. We rented out our Florida house before we retired and the last tenants trashed it. It took us months to get it back into shape. Good luck.

  2. The General Contractor hubster is about as good as a realtor, because he knows what needs to be done to sell something. A lawyer is pretty handy upon occasion, but not quite as often as one might think. And I have to say that a nurse may be better than a doctor, in that she deals in practicalities, along with having the medical training. Your condo is a real bummer; you are lucky that she stayed for 12 years, so you only had to deal with the mess once!

  3. Too bad, what a mess! I'd say it would probably be better to be a billionaire...

  4. Larry, All I can say is YIKES!! What a pig pen... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Oh, Larry! upsetting to say the least. On the other hand, it sounds as though you have everything in order to fix it. ;)

  6. Oh, Daddy. Let me show you some of the pictures from the apartments. ;-) But if you can't have a doctor, a lawyer, and an airline employee, hopefully you're satisfied with a Realtor, a computer geek, a soldier, and...whatever Eric is... :-)


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