Monday, October 31, 2011

Chicken Salad Ala Roz

I love poultry salad, especially with smoked meat, and have been known to smoke a small turkey just to make some.  When Roz, over at La Bella Vita posted her recipe for Chicken Salad with Dried Cranberries and Grapes  two days before BBQ day, I immediately laid out another package of chicken breasts and thighs.  Check out her site for the recipe and great photos.

I’ve long enjoyed this version of chicken salad and, while still working, used to walk about a half mile to Kroger’s for lunch and have their salad bar.  I’d make the usual tossed salad then get some of this type of chicken salad for dessert.

It just so happened, we had some white seedless grapes and pecans on hand but no dried cranberries, so we used dried blueberries instead.  We also didn’t have any tomatoes so I just had mine on lettuce and Bev had a sandwich.

Thanks Roz for this definite keeper recipe.

Bev's off to Ft Bragg for two weeks (one more to go) to look after the grandkids and I wanted to show the epicurian delight I'm capable of whipping up for my buddy Joe and me. :-)

Fall comes to Almost Heaven South – header shot is from my driveway. 

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Agree smoked chicken salad is fantastic stuff.Turkey even better;)

  2. I love Roz's blog. She has fabulous recipes and this chicken salad would definitely please me.

    Hi to Joe. Y'all behave yourselves while Bev is gone (smile). Your view of the autumn leaves is beautiful Larry. We've "done reached" as the Bahamians would say. Happy Halloween.

  3. My Whole Foods makes a wonderful chicken salad called Sonoma Chicken Salad. It has grapes and I devour it when I buy it. Really should make my own ... however, I don't think I've ever had smoked chicken in a salad. Sounds wonderful. Larry, that photo is beautiful and it reminds me of the sunset photo. Same colors.

  4. I smoked our turkey last year for thanksgiving and I will admit, the leftovers made one of the best turkey salad sandwiches I have ever had! This one definitely sounds like a keeper!
    Oh.. and love the marketside pizza's when I can't make my own :)

  5. I love chicken sald, and this recipe sounds delicious. I was happy to see that I make pizza the same way you do.

  6. This does look like a delicious chicken salad. I'm going to go to find the recipe!

    While the cat's away :-)

  7. I love chicken salad too... adding the dried blueberries sounds good.

    I wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway!

  8. Larry and Bev, you are something else! Truly two of the best cooks and two of the best foodie friends! Thank you for your kind comments; I just love chicken salad when it is bursting with flavor and I know that with your stamp of approval, this one is indeed a great keeper. My parents are here from the Midwest and want to have some prepared for them too. Hope you two are doing well these days; I'm swamped with advising students for spring semester and came up for air today to post a simple recipe. Once again, I appreciate your kindness and friendship; one day I hope that we shall all meet!


  9. Larry and Bev, I just added a PS to my post for this chicken salad in which I gave a shout out to you and your delicious blog! I hope to return your kindness and lead more bloggers to your recipes and philosophies on life (that I always read to my husband, Bill)!


  10. The scenery sure is looking beautiful over your way too. Have fun while Bev is away, you and Joe don't get into too much trouble, ha ha.

  11. I saw this recipe on Roz's blog and bookmarked it. I'm happy to know that you give it a thumbs up. I love a good chicken salad.


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