Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gator Po' Boys

Wow, what great weather - after a very hot dry summer, it's been cool with intermittent light rain the last few days - we needed it.

As you may recall, we brought several things from our trip to New Orleans last month and one of them was Alligator filets.

I actually brought them back to make alligator bites from a recipe I've saved, but since I have two packages, we decided to go with po' boys for the first package.  Bev wants to try a change in our eating pattern by switching our normal lunch and supper meals - thereby eating lighter of an evening.  We found this to be pretty common in much of Europe during our visits.  So this was our early afternoon dinner meal.

I had planned to use our beer batter then Panko for breading, but ended up going with a rice flour -  buttermilk seasoned with Slap Yo Mama - Panko breading and deep frying at 365 (which got them a little dark).  Here they are before any action - I'd never caught, killed, skinned, and butchered a gator (LOL), so I had no ideal what I would get, but I didn't expect so many little pieces.

Bev decided to forgo the bread and had hers on a salad - she loves meat on salad.


For my po' boy, I used part of a French baguette, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.

The sandwich was very good and although it's reported to taste like chicken, Bev and I both thought the alligator didn't have a lot of flavor (but it was closer to chicken than anything thing else) and we certainly wouldn't pay a premium to get it - or go to the swamp to harvest one :-).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. I've had gator on a stick at some fair, and I wasn't all that impressed.

  2. If I didn't know better Larry, I would think those po-boys came straight from the Big Easy. I've never tasted gator so I'm taking your word for it and not paying a premium.

  3. I'm back and trying to get caught up on my blog reading, and you've been a busy guy as usual. I love that the first thing you posted after my return was alligator sandwiches. (which look delicious, btw) I liked gator okay - but it's sort of like rattlesnake meat. The novelty is all you're paying for becuase the taste is just okay. Fun to post though! :)

  4. If I had the opportunity to try gator I would definitely do it but probably wouldn't order it if it was on a menu. It does look delicious on the salad.

  5. Sandwich looks really good, but I'll stick to chicken!

  6. Have you seen the Swamp People show on the History Channel? (I know you watch that channel, as we do). I never knew before watching it that all of the fat has to be taken off gator meat, or it's ruined. And I'm with you in staying out of the swamp!

    Sorry to see you've gotten code 503 errors, too. Me too. I wonder if Blogger knows?

  7. Next you'll be cookin up some rattlesnake! Fun post.

  8. I'm a meat on a salad gal myself, but that po'boy is looking mighty fine Larry!

  9. What? You don't have any gators swimming around in the lake? ha ha.

    I've tried gator 2-3 times was wasn't really impressed with it. Not bad but like you, wouldn't go out of my way to get it.


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