Friday, February 1, 2019

Southwestern RV Trip – Days 16 & 17 – Las Cruces. NM

For our first big day in Las Cruces, we went to Walmart for a few supplies, drove through the old town of Mesilla and went to downtown Las Cruces to check out the farmers market location.  Then we rested up as a day of driving and riding takes its toll on us old folks, especially the driver.

On Saturday, we awoke to our second morning of freezing temps requiring disconnecting the water – I had always heard that it gets pretty cold in the desert at night then warms up quickly, which it did yesterday and even when the thermometer said it was cold, it still felt warm in the sun.  The girls got up earlier than usual, and we headed downtown for the farmers market but stopped off at the Santa Fe Grill for a recommended Green Chile Burrito.  We knew it was in a gas station but didn’t realize there wasn’t actually a restaurant but a window where you ordered and it had only had one set of seats - so it was basically a place to get to-go food.

The sausage, egg, and green chile burrito was good but nothing special except it was only $3.89.

Then it was on to the FM which took up the entire seven block downtown Main Street and had lots of vendors, many customers, several food trucks, and a few corner musicians.  I wish we had waited to eat from a food truck.  

The girls completed their shopping in a couple of hours which really surprised me and only bought. a couple of things which surprised me even more – at this point in their lives they really can’t need anything but they each bought a hat – it’s cold out here in the desert.

While they shopped, the dogs and I drove thru NM State Univ., got the car washed, and filled it with gas.  Our son, Rhett, actually has his Masters Degree from NMSU obtained while he was stationed at White Sands Missile Range which is located just on the other side of the Organ Mountains from Las Cruces.

We finished our day with a one mile drive down to Mesilla which is a small village and representative of old New Mexico - the square is a national historic landmark, and at one time, it was the largest town between San Antonio,TX and Southern California.  

We were there for an early supper at La Posta de Mesilla which has been in business for 80 years and came well recommended.

Rather than the more well known dishes, I ordered something from the Traditional New Mexican part of the menu – Carne Adovada, which I had never eaten.  This is the menu description: Our tender, delicious carne adovada and camotes Jalisco served with refritos, Spanish rice and Mexican slaw.  $12.95  Translation: New Mexico style pork with red chiles, Jalisco style Mexican sweet potato, beans, rice and slaw.

I thought the pork was delicious with just a little heat and the mashed camote was very good but different than a normal sweet potato.  The slaw was just a little different than the normal vinegar dressed and the rice and beans were the usual fare.  I must learn how to make the pork for our next Mexican food meal.  I’m glad I tried this dish and would definitely order it again.

Pat had tacos: Folded deep fried corn tortillas, filled with your choice of seasoned ground beef, then stuffed with lettuce, tomato and grated cheddar cheese. Served with refritos and rice. Order of 3 $10.25.  I didn’t get a pic and she said they were just okay.

Bev ordered the Specialty Of La Posta which started with chile con queso & corn tortillas then a combination of folded taco, chile relleno, and green chile enchilada with ground beef served with refritos and rice.  $16.95.

I thought the chile con casa was very good but Bev thought the rest of the meal was just okay and she likes what we get at home as well or better.

We began the meal with the usual chips and salsa, which I  thought were very good, and a margarita which was the big disappointment for the meal.  It was served without ice in a smallish martini glass, tasted like some of my earlier versions when I was learning to make good ones, and cost $8.95 – probably $7 in profit.  Sorry La Posta de Mesilla, but I have to consider you as a tourist restaurant so we were zero for two in great Mexican food for the day.

After supper, the girls hit the shops around the plaza while the dogs and I made the five minute drive back to the RV to await their come-get us-call.

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  1. New Mexico is higher elevation so will be cooler. Nice that you got to check out Las Cruses and the market.
    We have found the best Mexican food we enjoyed was in Mexico, as well as the Margaritas. Continued safe travels.

  2. The Farmer's Market looks like a great one. What a bummer that both meals of the day weren't the best but thankfully you liked the pork!

  3. Hi Larry, It's been almost 24 years since we've been to Mesilla and had dinner at La Posta de Mesilla. We weren't overly impressed with the food either but it sounds like the Margaritas have gone down hill!

    We pulled into Las Cruces on 4/19/95. I remember it because I had a frantic message waiting for me. We were on vacation and my Montgomery Ward staff called to tell me about the Oklahoma Federal building bombing and to let me know that management was in a tizzy! I told them "good luck" and continued our trip while they checked all of the stores in the country within a couple of miles of any federal facility. Fun Times! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. You were very smart to order the Carne Adovada. It's hands down my favorite New Mexico specialty food. I've enjoyed it at many NM restaurants and it's always good ... and better at some places. I wish you could have tried it a couple more times to compare. When I've had it in Northern NM, it's been served with pinto beans rather than refried pinto. Did they mention what kind of chile powder they used for the sauce? I've been working on making Carne Adovada at home, I've made it about 6 times to get it how I like ... it will be blogged as soon as I make it a couple more times. LOVE Carne Adovada. It's a very special dish. And if you see it on a menu in AZ, I wouldn't hesitate to order .. to compare.

  5. What a wonderful adventure you are having! Love to eat the southwestern dishes - so hard to find here in Virginia. Safe travels!

  6. Too back about two meals being a disappointment.


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