Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Feeding Myself Breakfasts – Part 1

Bev, Pat (SIL), Cindy, and Pat (neighbor) piled in the car and headed to Marco Island for their annual trek to the beach and as usual I’m dog sitting and looking after myself.  While they all tried to pack lite, the back of the Buick (back row of seats folded down) was almost completely full but I didn’t think about a pic until they had left.  

Ten days into their two weeks, I will be driving the motor home down along with my buddy, Joe, acting as navigator, extra road watcher, and dog wrangler then everyone but Pat and Bev will fly home (about $50 on Allegient) and we will hang around Florida for a while. 

Often times, Bev will cook me some dishes before she leaves, but since I’ve been in a cooking mood lately, I advised her not to bother and I would cook for myself.  A couple of days prior to her departure, our freezer quit working and we moved everything out until we could get it fixed (turned out to be a blocked drain).  Since we touched everything in the freezer moving it out and back (re-organized) I knew what all was available to me for the week.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Reheated Chicken Pepperoni And A Funny

My last post was about Chicken Pepperoni and it ended with how I froze them. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Chicken Pepperoni Ala Kelly

Back in 1980, Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase made a really cute movie named “Seems Like Old Times” and one of the things that got played up in the movie was a dish called Chicken Pepperoni.  I’m not sure it even existed prior to the movie but there are now several recipes for it and we’ve made one of them previously.

We decided we’d like to make it again and I found a write up about the movie that included a recipe for the dish on Kelly's "Wildflour's Cottage Kitchen" blog, so we decided to give it a try – be sure to click on the link for a background of the dish, the original recipe, and some great shots.  Here is one of Kelly’s pics showing the single recipe.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Introducing Eliza Margaret Ware

With eight grandchildren and supposed no plans for any more, 41 year old daughter, Wende, threw in a major surprise – guess what, I’m pregnant.  And one week ago, tomorrow, 7# Eliza entered the world about 30 minutes after they got to the hospital – nearly a car front seat birth.

On her 5th day, we drove over to Oak Ridge to meet Eliza and see Wende’s new home. Talk about some major life changes in just a few months – fortunately, Wende’s mom is there to help out. 

While Eliza slept for our entire visit, we have a few shots to show.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Red Lion Inn Swordfish (Crappie)

I’ve always enjoyed her recipes and I’d been wanting some fish so when newly minted Chef Lea Ann posted the recipe for Red Lion Inn Swordfish on her Cooking On The Ranch blog, I knew we had to try it – we like everything with lemon-butter-caper sauce.  Be sure to click the link for the original recipe and I borrowed this photo from her blog to show her version - always a better pic than mine.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Wine Club Soup Bar

It was our turn to host our wine group and since it was the last day of October (Halloween), we opted for a very fallish menu and made up a soup bar.  We asked others to bring the appetizer, salad, and dessert along with their bottle of wine so we ended up with this menu:

Red Assaritas as an aperitif
Salad with wine of choice
Soups with wine of choice
Homemade Limoncello as after dinner drink (digestif)

We served four very different soups from our serving area - the triple slow cooker comes in very handy.