Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Western RV Trip Day 21 –The Broadmoor

After talking with our friends Bob and Lea Ann and based upon posts on her blog (Highlands Ranch Foodie), we decided that no trip to Colorado Springs would be complete without a visit to the 5 star Broadmoor Hotel to partake of their Sunday Brunch – this is the reason we came to Colorado Springs a day early.  

The Broadmoor – A Luxury Colorado Springs Hotel – began construction in 1918 with the idea of being “The Grand Dame Of The Rockies” similar to the Greenbrier in the Appalachians of WV.  In addition to the very upscale accommodations and dining at the large hotel complex, the resort has hosted several major pro golf tournaments and a World Figure Skating Championship.  Here is an overhead shot from the web - it's both sides of the lake.

For a mere $52 plus 20% gratuity, you can feast on what must be one the country’s great buffets with about everything I could imagine for breakfast, dinner, and dessert.  Here is a  shot from our table.

I ate a combination of breakfast and dinner food slanted toward breakfast, but my first stop was for shrimp, oysters, and smoked salmon.  After some of the other stuff, I paid another visit to the shrimp/oyster station along with a mushroom crepe.

You basically have an hour and a half to graze on the food offerings.  My ladies ate less food items than me but they each made two trip to the dessert layout and here are two of their plates.

My dessert was a piece of brie, eight raspberries, and a biscuit & gravy with a great biscuit (soda I think) and good but a little salty gravy.

Elvis has entered the building.

Needless to say, we all waddled out of the place to make a few shots on the grounds.

While I don’t know if I would do it again, we looked at as as a once in a lifetime experience and with taxes and drinks, this was definitely the best $250 meal (3 of us) I’ve ever eaten.  Whether you stay or eat at the resort, it is definitely worth the short drive just to see it.

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  1. That was one pricey meal, but you got to feast a lot of great food. Think it is a bit over budget for us though.

  2. Larry, Beautiful place and food to match! Great food photos and the picture of Bev and Pat is very nice... Not sure that I'd drop that kind of money for a brunch...but Laurie might! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. And then there was La Casita, $32.00 for 6 of us. :)
    Good seeing you guys. That's a good photo of Bev at the brunch. And those low hanging clouds make a great back drop for Pat and Bev.

  4. Sometimes you just have to splurge!!!! It looks like an incredible meal. I love your dessert although it's too bad the gravy was salty.

  5. Glad you indulged at least once! It looks like an amazing way to go :)

  6. It's a beautiful place! Pretty steep brunch bill, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  7. We lived in Colorado Springs for a few years and never tired of the views. The Broadmoor is indeed a beautiful resort and worth a visit at least once.

  8. At least you can say you've been there :) It does look lovely and I'll bet the food was fantastic.

  9. We would ride our bikes to the Broadmoor and stop for a spendy treat that never disappointed when we lived there. If the food is half as good as it looks, you had quite a treat. I would be tempted to bring baggies and fill my purse.


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