Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Now That’s A Steak

On the final day of our stay in the Black Hills, we went to Hot Springs, SD to visit a couple of attractions plus the Black Hills Meat Company where I wanted to get some bison meat to take home.  They also had some great looking beef so we bought some steaks to grill when we got to Colorado Springs.

However, the weather had other ideas as it was cold and rainy for our entire time in Colorado, so we brought the meat home to cook out with our neighbors (and trip companions).  Here is a shot of the rib-eyes, bacon wrapped fillets (all about 1½ inches thick), and a T-bone provided by the neighbors - on each side, they got a light coating of Montreal Steak Seasoning and a spray with Pam.  For sizing estimates, the rack they are on is 14" long and each rib eye takes up about half of it - the wires are 3/4" apart.

After grilling, I was so focused on getting each steak cooked as ordered that I forgot to take some shots but here is one of the big piece I didn’t eat and I got it cooked just right for me.  These were a challenge as I’m not used to cooking steaks this thick - but I believe I'll practice on some more of them.

This was our second South Dakota meat market stop and these steaks were better than the first one and they were a big hit – Bev was the only one to finish hers.  I'm certainly not a steak expert, but I can't imagine one being a whole lot better and if I lived out there, Black Hills Meat would be my regular steak supplier.  I forgot to look at the prices but I remember they were very reasonable.  I’ll tell you about the bison when we give it a try.

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10/14/17 Meal Date


  1. This are some huge steaks and look like it was perfectly cooked.

  2. Larry, Now that is a great selection of steaks and yours was cooked just right for Laurie and me as well... We did find a good steak on our trip to Scotland and Ireland...grass fed...but tender. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. What beautiful steaks!!! It looks like you cooked them perfectly.

  4. Those steaks made my mouth water. WOW.....

    Please tell me about the Bison when you fix it... We ordered (and paid big bucks) for some Bison at a restaurant when we were in Utah. It was SO tough, we couldn't eat it..... Is Bison normally tough --or did the restaurant just not fix it correctly? We love Bison but have only had it (until now) either in meatloaf or ground --like hamburger...


  5. Looks like you got my steak perfectly cooked! Glad you had a wonderful trip!

  6. Man, now I'm craving a steak. They look wonderful. And I can't think of a better way to season than with Montreal.

  7. Now those are some real beauties and it looks like you cooked them perfectly.

  8. OH MY GOSH. You just made my morning with shots of steak. Yummy.

  9. Wow! What beautiful steaks! I'm sorry you had bad weather in Colorado. It rained almost every late afternoon when we were there in late September too.

  10. Those are gorgeous steaks! What a meal you must have had. I have never been to SD...maybe someday we will take a road trip!

  11. Those are some fine looking steaks! I too have taken up spraying my steaks with Pam and it really helps to keep the seasonings on, and stop the drying out of thicker ones.


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