Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Florida Trip - Uncle Larry's Rim Ditch Cafe - Where The Locals Eat

We awoke Tuesday to a 40* morning (balmy beside the zero at home) and the news that FSU won the BCS Championship - I was pulling for Auburn but only made it to the half before hitting the sack. 

We used most of the unusually cool day (high of 53) to stay inside and reorganize the coach – with a year’s experience, we have a better idea of where we want to put things.

Our hometown friends, Ron and Nancy, who have been wintering in the area for six years, had several things that they wanted to make sure we did while down here and eat an "Okee" Burger was one of them.  They called and suggested this was a good day to do it and after checking our busy schedule of RV organizing, we decided we could fit it in.

The "Okee" Burger is served at Uncle Larry’s Rim Ditch CafĂ©  which is located a couple of miles east of downtown Okeechobee and across the road from the large ditch (sometimes a canal) that runs around the outside of the lake.  It’s the kind of place we always look for when traveling - a little above a dive serving really good food to the locals (4 stars on Trip Advisor)

Nancy had advised it was a favorite burger of hers and that it was huge, served on pita bread, and they usually split one.  So we ordered one "Okee" Burger and an order of homemade onion straws.  I remembered the photos this time - the burger is on a full sized dinner plate.

The burger's uniqueness came from three things - it's size, the bread, and the secret okee sauce.  Bev and I both thought the burger, served on the crispy, toasted pita was delicious and it stood up better than a bun - this may become the new norm at Almost Heaven South.  And we thought the onion straws were even better – we ate that entire basket full.  We knew we'd be going back to Uncle Larry’s, especially since they also serve breakfast and are located on our side of town.

And speaking of breakfast, two days later we stopped in as Bev has seen chicken fried pork chop on the menu and wanted to try it.
After I got done laughing at the size of her meal, I asked her what she was having when she finished that - couldn't believe it had two chops and all that food for $7.95.  For $6.95, I had smoked sausage, two eggs, hash browns and biscuit.

Both meals were very good and neither of us finished ours - we won't have to look very hard for other breakfast places but will likely try a couple more.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


1/7/14 event date


  1. That burger is a whopper. I might have a hard time just picking it up. Wow and the onion straws look great too. I think you just might have found your "home" in Okeechobee Larry. Their breakfasts are serious eats.

  2. Wow, that is definitely a big burger... but I like the uniqueness of it. It looks delicious... and so do both of your breakfasts.... I'm suddenly craving chicken fried pork chops!!! :)

  3. Wow Larry - you and Bev should start your own series like Diners, Drive-in and Dives. You find the best restaurants. That burger would send my husband over the moon. We could hurt ourselves on those onion strings - it all looks amazing. Enjoy your meals down there!

  4. the burger looks great - going to try serving a burger on pita bread next time

  5. Wow Larry, that is a big 'un. I believe I'd have to split it with someone as well.

  6. Woooo---what a burger... Gads---I just gained 5 pounds looking at those breakfast meals and that burger... BUT--I would have loved all of that --and it may have been worth gaining the weight for... ha

    I'm a little shaken. We had a near-miss-head-on car accident yesterday afternoon when a car was coming straight toward us in OUR lane. We swerved and went into the ditch. Luckily, we are fine and no damage to the car --other than being dirty. BUT--we were just lucky that the ditch wasn't steep…. SCARY!


  7. Wow, I'd love that burger for lunch now!!! It looks lip smacking good! 53 degrees---we'd have the top down and shorts, etc. on! lol

  8. Larry, I've never had a burger on pita bread but I'd give it a try. A good burger does require a good bun, that's for sure! We like ours medium rare but yours did look juicy. As for Bev's breakfast, that is right up my alley! Looks great! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. I should never come here when I am hungry. The burger looks tasty - the pita is a good idea. The fried onions have me drooling and so do both of the breakfasts. YUM!

  10. Oh yum....I never thought about putting a burger on a pita and I love onion rings/onion straws. We've been trying some of the local dives around here and enjoying the seafood and Texas BBQ. Boy, you got my mouth watering!

  11. Both of these meals look fabulous. I would really like to get my hands on one of those burgers, but the pork chops look yummy as well.

  12. That burger looks amazing!!! Its huge! I love things on pita or NAAN bread- except NAAN bread is 220 calories each! Looks like you are having a fun trip!

  13. We prefer burgers on pita bread or sandwich rounds.

  14. Wow, that "Okee" burger looks fantastic. Love the idea of using pita instead of a bun...it makes one very hearty meal. And chicken fried pork chops...heaven.

  15. 40? That's mere goose bump weather here. :) I love the looks of that sandwich.


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