Monday, July 9, 2012

RV Trip To Roan Mountain - Pizza

Picking back up on our trip to Roan Mountain, when we got back down to the campground from our visit to the rhododendron gardens atop Roan Mountain, it was after seven and we decided not to go far for supper and opted to give Smoky Mountain Bakers a try for their wood fired pizza.  The bakery is in a small building located behind the owners house where they do pizza’s and other baked goods – it actually began more as a bakery then morphed into a bakery/pizzeria. 

This a shot of their sign down at the road.

They cook the pizzas in a small wood fired oven capable of two pies at a time and they were burning hickory and cherry because that’s what the wood guy brought that week.

We checked out the menus stapled to the walls and ordered two 12” pies, the first of which was a “White” which had garlic and herb ricotta, basil pesto, spinach, sausage, and caramelized onions.  The second one was a “Supreme” which was tomato sauce topped with pepperoni, sausage, ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives. 

They have a small indoor eating area and a few outdoor picnic tables, next to the garden where they grow as much produce as possible for their baked goods.

It takes 3-4 minutes in the oven and the cooking is done by checking the crust bottom and rotating as necessary and holding the pie near the oven ceiling a few times to cook the top. 

Both pizzas were outstanding and when we went back in to offer our compliments, the owner/ baker was there and we got to chatting, as I often do – big surprise for those of you who know me.  While we were talking one of the other bakery workers (his wife) offered that he was a famous baker and pointed to a book on the table.

As it turned out, his name is Tim Decker and he was a famous baker in Santa Rosa, California.  When I asked him how he ended up in Roan Mountain, TN, it turns out he was born there, moved to California at the age of 9, and after a successful and award winning baking career, decided to return to his roots.  I lost track of the number of great’s, but one of his way-back grandfathers was the first white settler in the area so his roots are very deep.  Tim and wife Crystal, an award winning pastry baker, enjoy the simpler life of growing lots of produce for their pizzas, supplying a wide range of high quality baked goods to their neighbors in a business staffed by the family, and giving back to the community of his birth.

All I can say is you must not be fooled by the easy to miss sign, or the building, or the seating, or the menus, or the wood pile, as this has got to be one of the best kept secrets in that part of the world and a definite visit again next time we’re in the area – it may well be worth an 8 hour day trip just for lunch.

Not only were the pizzas delicious, but so was the Danish we brought back to the RV for dessert and the loaf of chipotle cheddar bread for sandwiches, which will be a future post. While there, Bev ordered a loaf each of chocolate/cherry and sourdough breads for pick up on Friday before heading home and a couple of pizzas for supper that night.

They are open Tue-Sat, 11am-8pm at 500 Cloudland Drive (same street as the high school), Roan Mountain, TN, ph: 423-957-1202, email:, Facebook: Smoky Mountain Bakers (for their daily baked goods and reserve if you want anything).

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. We love finding little jewels like this. I'm making a note if we're ever in the area. I'm also interested in the chipotle cheddar bread your brought back in a future post.

  2. What a fantastic find. All of the breads sound amazing. I'll be interested to hear about the Chipotle cheddar.

  3. Isn't it great when you can find little places like that.. and then to find out all about the chef - that is awesome! Thanks for sharing this great find with us!

  4. Drooling - absolutely drooling! You have a knack for finding the best kept secrets. What a great find. The pizza looks amazing.

  5. You found a little treasure. Both pizzas sound good.

  6. Larry, As you know, finding places like this...jewels in the middle of one of our favorite activities. I see this place as a future spot for good food and as a blog for my blog site...and an entry into Trip Advisor as well. Thanks and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. What a wonderful "find" - a place of food pleasure where the bread maker/baker is so generous in sharing his knowledge and bread wisdom. I'm delighted to learn that Tim and Chrystal have found a happy way of life and living where they are now.

    No wonder your dear Bev ordered more of their breads for you to pick up on the way home.

    I hope you are all keeping cool - the fiercely high temps in the east+ of the U.S. have even made our news headlines, here down-under in New Zealand (and Winter here)

    Sending much care, Michelle/Mickle

  8. We who live in Roan Mountain year round truly KNOQW what a treasure we have in Tim and Crystal Decker's (not Becker) Smoky Mountain Bakers establishment. Before they came, this is a town where all one can find is carmel colored white bread -- you know, the kind of "whole wheat" bread that stays the same consistency for months on end...! Now we have the REAL THING and we think we are in heaven! I'm addicted to the NY Rye, and the Seeded Whole Wheat... as well as those great pizzas. Crystal is an award winning baker in her own right. The confections she comes up with are incomparable! Not only that, but Tim and his son, Anton, bring a lot to the fine music community here... both are incredible musicians. We are SO glad they have come back to their mountain community and are blessing us with ALL their gifts!

  9. I love restaurants that look like they just appeared in someone's house. You got really lucky there, because that Hog Wild Pizza sounds inspired!

  10. Very cool! That hog wild pizza is right up my alley!

  11. That sounds like a great place... I'm making note of that place --so that we can try it if and when we get to Roan Mtn... I'd love both White and Supreme.. YUM.... Makes me hungry!!!!

    Glad you found such a great place to eat.

  12. Thanks for the heads-up about this great place for pizza. We'll keep that in mind when we go to Roan Mountain.

  13. I'm here in Santa Rosa Ca and iv had a lot of the pizzas, breads and pastrys..and its all delicious.We miss you here in Cali,

  14. Wood piles don't lie! Those pizzas look amazing, we have to get up there and try that place. How charming looking.


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