Monday, July 30, 2012

Crawfish Breakfast Burrito

For the dock party that Chris posted about over at Nibble Me This, I made a hot crawfish dip using the tails left from the May 30 blogger party which I had frozen.  I thought the dip was just okay, but when A.J. and Katherine (the Cajun’s in attendance) said they liked it, I decided it must be pretty good.  Anyway, I sent a cup of it home with each couple and kept one for myself, with Chris saying he felt crawfish quesadilla’s coming on.

His comment gave me the idea for a breakfast burrito using the reheated dip as the sauce.  I also had grilled extra peppers and onions for our bratwurst the previous night and decided to use them as well.

I chopped up a few of the veggies and warmed them in a skillet, then added two beaten eggs, some sharp cheddar cheese, and scrambled it.

I rolled it up in a warm tortilla and topped with the reheated crawfish dip.

It was very good and I liked the dip better after four days than I did originally.  So this dish not only contained leftover peppers and onions, but leftover, leftover crawfish.

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7/24/12 meal date


  1. Your dip had to be great if you got the Cajun's stamp of approval. You can't go wrong with A.J's crawfish no matter what you put it in. That was some GOOD stuff.

  2. I like a guy who can turn anything into breakfast. You certainly continue to inspire and the crawfish were so good, that it would make a great dip.

  3. You do amazing things with leftovers, Larry. I haven't had crawfish in years and remember how much we liked them when my grandfather brought them home.

  4. Now this is the way to kick-start a day. This sounds delicious. I think all things improve with age, but then that's probably my age talking :-) Have a great day, Larry. Blessings...Mary

  5. Leftover leftovers - how funny. You are creative and I hate to throw out food - so repurposing food is the way to go! Have a great week Larry

  6. You are the king of breakfast; of that I have no doubt.

  7. Don't you love it when someone's idea gives YOU an idea! And this idea looks and sounds amazing!

  8. That dip sounds fantastic, Larry. I absolutely love it when leftovers can be used more than once for meals this delicious!

  9. Now that looks like one tasty burrito and I will have to try it! Love crawfish anytime, but it's especially good for breakfast made with leftover boiled crawfish. Next time, you should try my crawfish dip. :)


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