Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Barbeque Appetizers


But after Saturday's record high 105*, I've been looking at summer homes in Yellowknife, Canada :-) .  But hey it went way down to 104 the next day.

 We were invited to a local wine tasting group recently and the hostess was serving my pulled pork BBQ on slider buns so I took a couple of appetizers that were BBQ go-withs - ABT’s & Moink balls

They seemed to be a big hit and received many positive comments.

Then on BBQ day the next week, Bev requested some wings as an appetizer while our kids were visiting.  I used the sauce recipe from Dennis over at Ask Chef Dennis – check his site for the recipe.  I smoked the wings until they were just done and tossed them with the sauce.  When supper time came, I cooked them on a hot grill to reheat and caramelize the sauce.

Dennis calls them “The Best Buffalo Chicken Wings You’ll Ever Have” and we all seem to agree – this is our second time making them.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about those Moink Balls, I've been wanting to try those for years now. They sound wonderful. Hopefully cooler weather is on it's way. I'm all wrapped up in a blanket, 67 degrees here.

  2. ABTs and Moink Balls for the win! Looks delicious. Have a happy 4th!

  3. Happy 4th!

    I must make those Moink Balls! They look delicious

  4. Sorry you have to suffer through that heat. Sure wish you could send a little bit of it (just 70 degrees worth) our way. Today is the day for BBQ and I wish I could sample all of these recipes. Have a very happy 4th, Larry.

  5. Have a wonderful 4th of July celebration and try to stay cool. You don't have to go as far as Canada to get out of the heat...our high on the lake in Maine should be 80 degrees today.

  6. Have a wonderful 4th of July...Great post today! Those appetizers look fabulous. I would eat the WHOLE THING... ha

  7. Larry, Having eaten 3 Spicy and 1 Normal ABT at the Wine Tasting Event, I can tell you that the Spicy version is the winner in my book! However, I loved the Moink Balls even more...and I won'd reveal just how many of those I ate! Take Care...Happy July 4th! Big Daddy Dave

  8. I LOVE ABT's!! One of the best appetizers in my book!
    Happy 4th to you and Bev... enjoy the day!

  9. A Happy 4th to you Larry! All the food looks great and is making me hungry.
    Love those beautiful flowers on your header!

  10. We share your pain with the heat - even in SE Wisconsin! It's almost 100 here right now.

    All of your appetizers look delicious!

  11. Your appetizers look delicious. I hope you had a great Fourth in spite of the heat.

  12. I'll have to head on over to Chef Dennis' site for the recipe since I simply have never found a buffalo wing recipe that can beat my favorite at a local family-owned restaurant. If you've had them twice, then that's a super stamp of approval in my book, Larry!

  13. MOINK, ABT and wings....sigh, what a beautiful post! I'll have to try Chef Dennis' recipe for wings. Actually, I'll have to get some wings first :)

  14. Whoa, Chicken wings as appetizers? It doesn’t get better than that! Those will surely pump up the kids for more. Haha! It's a great thing that the wine-tasting group enjoyed their stay there! And how about Dennis? Surely, he will want some more of that in the barbecue days to come!


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