Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taters and Eggs For Breakfast with a New Twist

One of my very favorite things to eat is fried potatoes and onions and it was always a treat when Mom made them for school lunch – we went home for lunch.  When I did the hash brown test the other day, I boiled a few extra potatoes for home fries and for this meal I added a clove of minced garlic, mild and hot Polish sausage (pretend it’s Texas sausage from Southside Market), and cheddar cheese, along with the onions.

Here’s everything ready to go into the skillet at the same time, except the cheese, sausage on the bottom – I added just a little olive oil and relied on the sausage to provide the remaining cooking fat.

When it was about done I added the cheese to melt then gave it a quick stir and plated atop a warmed flour tortilla.

Of course, I topped them with the required two fried eggs, sunny side up, Aleppo pepper flakes and some chopped curly parsley for pretty.  Here it is as plated and after one bite - I try to get some yolk on everything.

The previous day, I’d received a surprise package from blogger buddy Lea Ann from Mangos, Chili and Z (highlands ranch foodie).  If you read Lea Ann’s blog (you’re missing out if you don’t), you know she is partial to Southwestern Cuisine and has recently been on a kick to sprinkle Aleppo pepper flakes on many of her dishes.  To make sure I don’t miss out, she sent me a package of the peppers plus a package each on Green Chile Powder, Mexican Oregano, and Mt. Evans Butcher’s Rub all from Savory Spice Shop and I look forward to using them all.

The meal was delicious and I believe it would have been even better with a little sauce made from the Green Chile Powder.  The hot sausage and Aleppo peppers (10000 scoville’s – jalapeno is 5000) gave it a little kick and the peppers provided their own nice flavor.  I used the tortilla to make it more Southwestern, but it may be the new standard as it caught all of that beautiful runny yolk that often ends up dried on the plate.

Thank you again Lea Ann – aren’t blogger buddies great - and I hope to go west this summer to meet her and some others out that way.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Lea Ann's hot pepper flakes sound really spicy. I remember them from her blog and you're right. You're missing something if you don't read Mangos, Chili & Z. As I recall, I met Lea Ann through you.

    I bet those pepper flakes really added a kick to your breakfast.
    PS - Funny, I went home for lunch when I was in school too.

  2. I have the Aleppo peppers from Savory.. LOVE them!!
    Another great breakfast... I wish you were my neighbor!!!

  3. Friends don't let friends cook without Aleppo. :)

    I-am-tell-ing-you I HAVE to get some potatoes in this house so I can make this exact dish. It just looks so good. I'm glad you like Aleppo . I love the Wikipedia on. What I've never thought of was comparing them to sun-dried tomatoes. I'll be interested to see if that Green Chile Powder is anything to get excited about. It smelled rather bland. And thank you for the shout-out, and you're so welcome for that little "care" package.

  4. Looks delicious as always! I want to eat breakfast at your place Larry :) Savory Spice is one of my favorite spice shops!! I frequent it often LOL If you head west this summer let me know, I'm just 80 miles down the road from the Highlands Ranch Foodie :)

  5. That sounds like a breakfast to get your motor running. Or at least maybe get your nose running. I'll just munch on my bagel with cream cheese up here on the Ridge. Have a great day! Love you!

  6. A great looking breakfast Larry. I think the southwest flavor is perfect.

  7. Larry, You are the Master of breakfasts. Looks delicious and Lea Ann is a sweetheart to send you those goodies.

  8. Step by step pictures to make us drool? Naughty, Larry, just naughty. Your breakfasts are always the best anyway!

  9. Another wonderful whopper of a breakfast made even more delicious with Lea Ann's flavorful additions. I've been wanting to try Aleppo peppers but now I'm a little concerned with that Scoville rating!

  10. I could sit down right now and have this breakfast for dinner! It looks yummy!

  11. Good seasonings can really kick up a good meal a notch or two. The egg yolks are the perfect sauce for the potatoes and sausage. Breakfast doesn't get much better than this.

  12. A spicy and filling way to start your day. Lea Ann has a great blog and lucky you for receiving such a nice gift.

  13. Larry, Looks like a great breakfast... I just fried up some leftover burger-mac with 2 easy- over eggs for lunch. Breakfast is the best meal! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

    FYI...I made the change on my comments settings that you suggested.

  14. I love getting mysterious packages in the mail and then seeing a blogger pal name in the return address, it's always fun.

  15. I'll have to check out Mangoes A to Z. And anytime I see a dish that you prepare with perfectly fried eggs on top, I just melt!

  16. This looks and sounds amazing! I need to get my hands on some of those peppers. Wow. My man would be in heaven! Southwestern skillets are my family's all time favorite breakfast.


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