Thursday, February 2, 2012

Potato Cakes For Breakfast

If you’re hungry, you may want to stop reading and come back later when you’re not. 

We made mashed potatoes a few nights ago as a side dish for chicken fried steak and made sure we made extra potatoes to use on cottage pie the next night.  Thinking about a future breakfast, as I often do, I set aside a small bowl of the potatoes for potato cakes.

Potato pancakes from leftovers usually have beaten egg and a dry starch (flour, bread crumbs, pancake mix, etc.) added to them as a binder to help them hold their shape – they contain a lot of liquid.  My mom never did that and even though I know it’s the right thing and I just used the potatoes, making them get thin and harder to turn – as I knew it would.

I added them to one side of a skillet with a little hot olive oil and added some sliced Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage from Southside Market to the other side.  We brought the sausage back from our RV trip to Texas and I really like them.  It’s not available here and their website says it’s available in and around Austin, Tx. so I may have to get my daughter to buy some at H.E.B and send to me (less expensive than from their website).  I flipped the slices then removed them when the cheese began to melt.

I added a couple of over easy eggs and a few grape tomatoes for a delicious breakfast.  This is more than usual, but this was to be a no-lunch-day, so I had enough to get me through till supper.

As tomato growers, we’ve found the grape tomatoes to be the most flavorful we grow and this seems to continue into the winter market produce, so unless larger tomatoes are a must, we buy the little ones.

As you know, Bev is more likely than me to go the extra mile when she cooks and when she got up, about 1/3 of the potatoes were remaining to which she added a little egg, flour, cheese, and diced country ham - it was very good. 

Can you believe it was 62* here on Jan 31 and the crocuses and daffodils are blooming - I'm considering buying 10 acres in Newfoundland and planting some citrus trees before the planet gets much warmer.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


1/25/2012 meal date


  1. Ah, our favorite use of left-over mashed potatoes.

  2. Mashed potato cakes are delicious! Add jalapeno cheddar sausage and eggs and I'll be there for breakfast tomorrow :)
    P.s... a friend of mine and I were just talking about grape tomatoes and how they seem to be the only ones with any flavor all year around!

  3. I never think to save bits of this and that for breakfast. You are my hero.

  4. Fried mashed potatoes and fried leftover grits are a couple of my favorites. Great looking breakfast!

  5. My sweet German grandmother used to make the most wonderful potato pancakes but she never put cheese on top of them. I've been missing out all these years. My favorite breakfast is potatoes and eggs.

  6. Sausage...eggs...potatoes, it doesn't get any better than that. We've had some mild weather the past couple of weeks and I noticed my first spring weed on the side of the house where the sun shines. My crocus are still covered in 2 feet of snow. Speaking of snow, we're to get 12 inches tomorrow.

  7. We love potato cakes made with leftover mashed potatoes. this is a great breakfast Larry. I'm jealous now as I only had a bowl of cereal this morning. sigh

  8. I so want to come to your house for breakfast! You make the BEST things! Makes me want to make mashed potatoes just to have them tomorrow am :)

  9. Have you ever thought of opening a Bed and Breakfast? Breakfast at your house is always such a wonderful and hearty meal.

    This has been a crazy winter. Here in Wisconsin it was in the 40s today and last year we had 20" of snow.

  10. My Mom would make potato cakes for breakfast when I was growing up, but I haven't had any in ages.

  11. Larry, This is another great breakfast! I don't know how you got those potatoes to come out that well. When I do the same thing that you did, (as recently as last week), my potatoes just end up being a mashed potato pile with some brown crust from the frying folded or mixed in... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  12. It was 56 here on that date. But I fear a rough February.

    Your breakfast looks great. You're correct; grape tomatoes are now the best available, since the tomato lobby stopped the selling of Ugli tomatoes because they didn't look pretty enough, and might damage the image of tomatoes. Hmpf.

  13. Those potato pancakes look like they are just about egg sized....coincidence? I think not! I'm sure as soon as that picture was snapped, the eggs found their way on top of the pancakes, yum!

  14. Thank goodness that I just finished my own dinner. This post might have had me frying eggs in the kitchen within minutes! I completely agree with you on the grape and cherry tomatoes. They always taste 100x better than their big brothers.


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