Thursday, November 24, 2011

San Marcos Day 1

We finally got to San Marcos, Tx (San Marcus to the locals) and this is the campground entrance (we're at the left of the picture) at Pecan Park Campground and it seems they have many sites devoted to permanent or winter residents.

We changed our plans to get into San Marcos a day early so we could attend a horse show that two of the grand daughters were in, but after getting in late and tired and with an oil soaked car, we just could not make it happen. We offered our appologies and made plans for a private showing later in the visit, which I'm sure we'll enjoy more, since we just want to watch them.

After sleeping in, setting up the RV, and getting cleaned up, we finally headed off to the car wash around 1pm, where it got off most of the oil - we could see out the windows then. This is the yet to be cleaned white tow dolly and most the car looked just the same.

We were driving down the road looking for a car wash that had brushes to run it through again, but instead we stumbled upon Mamacita's, which is a local Mexican restaurant chain of five places, advertising authentic Mexican food and it had been recommended at the campground. We'd planned to have a light lunch and supper latter, but decided to make this our dinner instead - we got the only open table for less than 8 people. The menu did seem more like what would be found south of the border with many seafood and traditional Mexican dishes, rather than just the usual Tex-Mex we get at home.

We started with very good chips and two kinds of delicious dip for them, then Bev ordered a fairly traditional chille relleno with rice and refried beans. I forgot the camera, so these are courtesy of her do everything cell phone.

I ordered the shrimp special (not on the menu) which was 12 jumbo shrimp which had been skewered, spiced, and grilled, then served on a bed of onions and green chiles. I sided it with rice and Frijoles A La Charra (pinto bean soup) - pinto's with bacon, onions, tomatoes, herbs, and spices - very good and will be tried at home.

They also had burgers, steaks, fried seafood, and chicken fried steak - remember we're in Texas. Both meals were very good and while I thought I was hungry, I only ate half the shrimp and the beans - I may feel an shrimp omeltte or scramble coming on.

Since we were pretty busy each day and having other travel issues, I didn't bother putting up the TV antenna on our way down here and our site here in San Marcos has a large tree in the way. Therefore I have been without TV or newspaper, two staples of my morning routine, since about 7am on Nov 14 and I'm actually survivng just fine - no withdraw symptoms, the earth is still rotating, I'm not frustrated hearing about the clowns in DC - I may make this permanent, but probably not.

After yesterdays post, son, Rhett, called early to check on us - laughing as the conversation began.  In all fairness to the RV, the two major problems were road related.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bev, Larry!! After your previous day, the restaurant and the food seems very well deserved! Enjoy your day!!

  2. Nice looking meals there. Sorry to hear about your road troubles though. Guess y'all will be pretty much worn down after this trip! Well, stay safe. And try to have fun anyway! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. With a meal like that one could almost forget that the car needed to be washed again! Looks mighty good!

  4. After all the Thanksgiving fare I've had over the last few days, Mexican food sounds fabulous. And love your disaster free day.

  5. I hope your travels have less issues in the future (but I haven't read that far yet, as I always start at the beginning with older posts first!)… for the food, WOW, except for the shrimp (that I'm allergic to), I could shovel those entrees down my throat in no time! YUM!


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